NYC After Sandy: Obama’s Katrina

Posted November 2nd, 2012 by Iron Mike

Another 3 AM phone call left ringing and unanswered.

PresZerO campaigns across the nation – while folks trapped in NY City are in endless gas lines and dumpster diving for food.
And this is how he treats Democrats!!
BTW, Obama’s Dept of Homeland Security and FEMA had a full week to plan before this storm hit!

4 Responses to “NYC After Sandy: Obama’s Katrina”

  1. Tom

    Off to Vegas again, sending Janet Incompetano to Staten Island for another photo op. Decatur, Alabama power company trucks (8) turned back at Jersey border, non union. How about that red tape Obama? Where is Chris Christie?
    When will he declare martial law and suspend the elections?

  2. Karen G

    What on Earth is our pResident thinking?!?! Where the hell is the help these people desperately need and deserve??? Has our “commander” in chief dispatched the National Guard, or is he OK with the Red Cross handing out cocoa and cookies???

    If I were Romney, I would be laying out my version of a rescue plan right now. Certainly if we can afford to hand out billions of dollars to unproven green energy companies, we can re-direct some of that money to sending gas, food and necessities to the desperate men women and children of the East Coast! This is as bad as Benghazi, just different. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  3. Flick

    3 FEMA tour buses passed me on I78 in Allentown, PA yesterday at 1500. I’m guessing they were FINALLY en route to New York City?
    Maybe they contained NYC marathon runners?

    These buses would have made Taylor Swift and her entourage proud. Probably $500K each.

  4. Walter Knight

    The latest MSN liberal spin is that Hurricane Sandy was caused by Republicans and global warming. This truly is the end if the idiots win.