NY Times Editors Mock Mass Killings

Posted June 24th, 2015 by Iron Mike

If ever a newspaper deserved to die….
2001   Rosenthal
In June 2001 there was a mass murder in Nepal – in their Royal Palace – committed by a deranged crown prince.  He killed 8 people and himself.  Here second generation NY Times opinion editor Andrew Rosenthal is seen presiding over a mock reenactment.

And this is the flagship liberal paper which abhors violence,  guns, our 2nd Amendment,  the NRA,  and the Death Penalty?
Can you say hypocrisy?

In March 1997 there was a tragic mass suicide in California by followers of Marshal Applewhite.  Thirty-nine people, a group known as Heaven’s Gate,  – had given up their earthly possessions and moved into a large home in San Diego.  They believed their suicide would allow them to join a spaceship that they believed was following the comet Hale-Bopp…

1997  Bill Keller

Pictured here are Times staffers led by Editor Bill Keller reenacting [aka mocking] their death.

Bill Keller  Andrew Rosenthal

Keller would go on to become Times Editor-in-Chief, – then he left the Times in 2014 to become Editor-in-Chief of the Marshal Project – a start-up focused on criminal justice reporting.

NOTE Keller’s time span at the Times:   30 years! 1984 – 2014.

He was Executive Editor from 2003 – 2011, – which means HE ALONE made the decisions NOT to delve into Senator Obama’s background, college records, law school records, or his questionable anti-American circle of friends and associates.

HE ALONE made the editorial decisions that gave the undocumented fraud a hall pass.

Marines pissing on TalibanBUT, in 2012 it was the Times that decided to get totally bent out of shape over a video of some US Marines pissing on Taliban corpses – immediately after a protracted firefight with them. 

It probably helped them sell some more newspapers. Hypocrisy?

TODAY they’re hawking stories about the Confederate Flag…

It might be asked if we’re simply dredging up old news – even very old news. These two photos were just released / leaked to the website Gawker, – or we might never know or see first-hand the two-faced behavior of America’s leading left-wing journalists and propagandists.

I think it’s worth you seeing for yourselves.

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