NY $ociety $$ Back Elizabeth Warren

Posted October 23rd, 2011 by Iron Mike

   Mind-boggling hypocrisy!

Elizabeth Warren takes BIG $$ from liberal NYC high society cocktail-party DemocRATS!

Committed communists, socialists, one-world dreamers, Wall Street fat cats, abortionists, and a collection of rakes and whores, – all gathered last Wednesday to be seen by each other – and write big checks for Harvard professor Eliz ‘Dizzy Lizzy’ Warren.

Some brandish liberal credentials all the way back to Jimmy Carter’s disastrous administration. Some are the next generation of über-rich über-MoonBats-in-training. Review the players:

When ‘Professor Warren’ comes around telling you about her ‘impoverished childhood’ – and how she’s really just ‘poor folks’ like us – ask her about the names on this guest list – JUST ONE of the many high-society fundraisers she’s been to.


Anne H. Hess [inherited money] A friend and fundraising associate of Francis Fox Piven
husb:  Craig Kaplan, Esquire

Sarah & Victor Kovnor, Esquire  she’s in Wash DC, founded First Women’s Bank in New York, pro-abortion

Sally Minardfounder of Lotas Minard Patton McIver

Charles Myers – Tuxedo Park, NY – SrManagingPartner – Evercore Institutional Equities, Grew up in Libya, Peru, and Indonesia . . . .


Elizabeth Benjamin – NY Daily News Blogger [so much for unbiased news!]

Jonas L. Blank, III, Esquire – Richards, Kibbe & Orbe, LLC, Harvard lawyer – represents banks, hedge funds, private equity funds and other financial institutions in domestic and international private equity and venture capital investments

Madeline Blinder  –  Democratic activist
husb: Alan Blinder – Princeton Economics professor and Obama WH Economist

Leonore Blitz Political media consultant / NY Democratic bundler – raised $1 Mil for Kerry in ’04 – $250K for Hillary. Rewarded by appointment to Nat parks advisory board by Interior Sec Ken Salazar.

Gale Brewer – NY City counselor – Upper West Side,  MPA Harvard JFK School

Michael Connolly, Esq.  Partner- Morrison Cohen LLP, NY, Corporate Finance, Executive Compensation, Bankruptcy “active in the Hedge Fund, Insurance, Executive Compensation and Bankruptcy areas

Debra Cooper – Real Estate lady. Fundraiser for ‘NY Communities for Change’ [formerly ACORN]

Patricia Duff – oft-married actress, political activist [Jimmy Carter & Gary Hart campaigns] and Democratic fundraiser. Claimed she once slept w/ Bill Clinton. Her 13-yr-old daughter filed a restraining order against her.


EMILY’s List –  Lobbying group formed to fund pro-abortion candidates – $82,705,257 raised since 1985.
Elizabeth Warren is their first featured candidate this year.

Florence H. ‘Floss’ Frucher Professor – Baruch College, Consultant – Tonio Burgos & Associates
husb:   Meyer S. Frucher – CEO/Chair Philly Stock Exchange/NASDAQ/OMX

Gail Furman – Child Psychologist – Dem activist, donor to Tides Foundation and Media Matters. Son Jason works for Obama.

David B. Harris child trauma advocate

Jane D. Hartley – CEO Observatory Group [financial lobbying group] Former Carter WH Aide
[husb: Ralph Schlosstein – CEO Evercore Partners]

Fern Hurst Women’s Campaign Forum – Clal former bundler for John Edwards

Geraldine Laybourne CEO Oxygen Media, former Disney former Nickelodeon

Jean Avnet Morse – Dean Academic Affairs – NYU, former corporate attny
& [husb] Stephen J. Morse – Criminal Psych Prof – U Penn School of Law

Elizabeth Nash policy wonk – Guttmacher Institute [pro-abortion lobbying and policy group]
&  husband Thomas Nash

George Soros  with Elizabeth Warren


Domna C. Stanton, Bridgehampton, NY – Univ of Michigan feminist writer, member – Human Rights Watch LGBT Advisory Committee
Husb: Sam Malakoff – advisor to NY Gov Paterson


Michael VachonAdvisor to the Chairman at Soros Fund Management, Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs Columbia, Previously – director of communications at the Open Society Institute.

Marc P. Weiss,  Partner NY office of Partners Group USA [$33 Bil investments]

Paula A. Levine,  Garrison, NY Director of Freddie Mac at M&T Bank formerly with Freddie Mac, was a fundraiser for Joe Biden in ’08.  Organizer of this cocktail party with checkbook gathering.

THE HOSTS:  Karen and Dennis Mehiel  – he was once a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, acknowledged  that he had fathered two (2) children by two (2) womenwhile still legally married to his first wife.  Chairs Four M and Fonda Corporationssold NY condo for $30 Million.  Homes in Armonk & Valhalla.

 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

I spent three days researching this entry. I’m pretty sure these folks don’t represent mainstream America – and they hardly represent Massachusetts voters.  But they want to buy themselves your Massachusetts Senate seat.

I never saw a black face. Attorney Blank, III did marry a Chinese girl.

Folks, I’ve got nothing against honestly earned or inherited wealth.

I do have a slight problem with rich liberal hypocrites who – having carefully taken care of themselves and their offspring – then set about to destroy the foundations of our country to satisfy some inner ‘rich man’s guilt’.

Their money in Warren’s hands can buy a lot of TV time, a full media blitz, yard signs and bumper stickers.

  Just don’t let them buy your vote!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Further research:  https://secure.actblue.com/entity/fundraisers/27666



UPDATE:  Monday 29 Dec 2014   Well, the money worked – the stupid socialists of Massachusetts made Warren a US Senator, – and when Obama named Lurch as his 2nd choice for SecState, – she was suddenly the SENIOR Senator from Massachusetts…

And über-liberals across the land – and in the media – [both utterly frustrated with Obama’s ineptness] began suggesting her as a more reliable wealth re-distributor for 2016 than the Benghazi-damaged Hillary Clinton.

And in the three years since this post was published – it has received hundreds of views by folks who either hate Warren – or who think they ‘love her’.

All this proves that Hillary, or Warren, [or even the fake Republican Jeb Bush] could become our next president – simply because Americans chose to vote based on looks and simple slogans. The schoolteachers have done a masterful job of dumbing down the American voters.

Hillary or the Squaw

Most Americans cannot tell you the differences between Socialism and Communism, – and most believe that America is ‘a Democracy’.

Such people are pawns in the hands of the media, – and will be pawns in the hands of the Left and the Media during the 2016 election cycle.

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  1. Jim Buba

    Rather Monochromatic crowd you must admit. Were it not for Rangle in the background at the A.C.O.R.N. event, I would have thought it a KKK rally.

  2. Timothy Roesch

    Somehow, this post needs to reach a wider audience. How do we do that?

  3. mxbags

    I’m working on it. I’ve been doing a bit of research of my own, and stumbled across…good stuff.