NY City’s Top Commie In South Carolina

Posted March 11th, 2019 by Iron Mike

There are two (2) classic ways commies come to POWER;   fool the voters,  – or bloody armed revolution – in unarmed countries.

Bill de Blasio has run New York City to the teetering edge of bankruptcy,  – but that hasn’t dampened his Tall Man Syndrome.   He wants to be President,  – so he went sniffing for stupid voters in South Carolina.

Like a TURD in a punch bowl – a commie in a church!

The media picked up on de Blasio ‘flapping his wings’ to R. Kelly’s song,  – the day after Kelly made bail on child rape charges….

…totally missing the point of a commie running for President.

For the rest of 2019 we Americans are going to be bombarded with a growing list of Presidential Wannabes – to include a few remaining Democrats, – many Socialists, – some commies,  – and a goodly collection of RiNOs….

They all think they can beat Trump,  – and all think they have a more compelling message (free stuff) for voters – more compelling than Hillary’s “…it’s MY TURN!”

Not a fucking one of them wants to build the WALL,…

– or stop China from ripping us off,

– or reduce our welfare rolls by putting Americans to WORK!

De Blasio’s South Carolina trip was obviously to test his message and his reception outside of NYC.

He will never TELL voters that he is a lifelong communist.  

Ignorant and uninformed voters – who vote for candidates based on LOOKS – are the rock-solid base for slimeballs.

How do you THINK Bill Clinton and Barack Obama got elected?

As Democrats clamor today for Trump’s tax returns,….do you hear ANYBODY asking for Obama’s real birth certificate or his college records?

Hey Bill….WHO PAID for your TRIP – to include for your NYPD Security Detail…?

2 Responses to “NY City’s Top Commie In South Carolina”

  1. Varvara

    What a mess. As a New Yorker (born there, lived there) now living in MA I can tell you that he has dragged down the standard of living in NYC. The streets are disgusting and once nice neighborhoods are now slums.

  2. Ben

    It looks like every democrat in the U.S. is going to run for president. The standards are are really getting lowered. They are a scary bunch. I really feel for the next generation. The trouble is the young generation thinks everything is going to be free. I hope my grandkids wake up.


    Those 8 Obama years truly lowered the standards – as a man with hidden college records and a forged birth certificate was TWICE elected – to purge us of “White Guilt”.