NRSC = “R” In NAME Only

Posted November 3rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

The self-appointed ‘National Leadership’ has declared war on Conservatives,  the TEA Party,  Pro-Lifers,  Pro-2A,  and anybody else not calling themselves ‘liberal’ or ‘moderate’.
Saving Mitch McConnell
It’s about “Saving Mitch McConnell”,…and nothing more…

Breitbart is running a story today in which the NRSC – in the person of daytime employee Brad Dayspring,  says they will ‘use all their power‘ to block Jamestown Associates from getting Republican political work.

SCFWhy? Jamestown  works with conservative candidates – like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, and Pat Toomey.   They also work with the Senate Conservative Fund – founded by former Senator Jim DeMint.

Challenger Matt BevinDown in McConnell’s home state, they’ve shown some interest in businessman and former Army Artillery officer Matt Bevin.

McConnell is in for a rough re-election year – one he brought upon himself with five years of the wussiest Republican leadership I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.

Funny thing, – I was on a bloggers call with the NRSC guys a week ago.  After about 30 minutes you could hear in their voices that they were itching to cut it short and get off the phone.

Most of the bloggers were saying the same things – stop attacking the TEA Party, – stop attacking Conservatives, – be more outspoken about the sins of the Obama Cartel.

But they wanted to tell us how they were training candidates to defend themselves from being called ‘anti-woman’.

My 2¢ was that wars are not won on the defense – you have to attack the enemy’s vulnerable points, – like all the Democrats who went along with the ObamaCare Ponzi Scheme.

I guess after this posting they’ll not invite me again…. Oh well…

Ponder this:  these self-appointed ‘political geniuses’ – supposedly Republicans – are discouraging creativity and competition in the arena of political marketing.  Does that sound ‘Republican’ to you?

Folks, until the NRSC and other ‘Republican’ groups clean up their act, – come to Jesus, – and stand up proudly on Republican principles;  just ignore them.

Don’t give them a dime!

Save some money and come next year – give it directly to worthy candidates in your area – that YOU HAVE VETTED!

UPDATE: Tuesday 20 May 2014 McConnell poured in millions – won the primary by 62% – will face an attractive Democrat – Alison Lundergan Grimes in November.

UPDATE!   Tuesday, 3 Nov 2015   Bevin hung in there – ran for Governor, – and WON!

He’ll be only the 2nd Republican governor of Kentucky in 40 years!

5 Responses to “NRSC = “R” In NAME Only”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I recently unsubscribed from their e-newsletter, and TOLD them that until they get rid of ALL the Rino’s, I’ll not be sending them One Red Cent. I suppose calling the cent “red” will be called insensitive to Indians, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

  2. Sue

    I returned an envelope to both the Mass GOP and the national committee with the exact same message.

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  4. Tom

    Neither the NRC or the Mass GOP deserves the support of any conservative. We owe them nothing, no money and no political support for their RiNO candidates. If they continue their self inflicted death spiral it just might be time for a new party.

  5. Michael W Dane

    It appears that the RINO’s are on a suicide mission.