Now We See Why They Failed To Teach

Posted October 20th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Across the land – as governor after governor – mayor after mayor dictate that their employees be vaccinated – or be fired,  – we suddenly see clearly why union teachers in our public schools have for these past 40+ years failed to teach anything about the US Constitution.

The moment for an ignorant,  unquestioning,  and compliant populace has arrived,  – and the statists are taking full advantage.

If you are ignorant,  uninformed,  unlearned,  – then you might assume that GOVERNMENT has a DUTY to force people to accept unwanted (and ineffective) vaccines – “for the Public Good”

Thus you might see these dictatorial leaders as ‘doing the right thing’…particularly if the media is suppressing stories about people deathly sick – even dying – from adverse reactions.

As the media publishes fresh figures each day – each week – of the number of NEW CASES,  – you might think we’re a nation at our knees and dying of COVID.

BUT the truth is that the number of people dying is pretty near normal for a population which has slowly aged,  – as has ours.

The death of General Colin Powell – at age 84 (with blood cancer) should not be a sign of doom.  He essentially died of natural causes.

COVID is the excuse being used by the statists – the communist globalists – to assert control over every aspect of your life.

THEY will decide how full your store shelves are.  THEY will decide if your business can stay open,  – and THEY will control how many people – (and WHICH PEOPLE) are available for you to hire.

They’ll fire cops and firefighters – and soldiers – on flimsy excuses,  – because they all voted for TRUMP last year. “Let ’em starve – and FUCK their pensions!”

And across the land left-wing Courts are sitting on their hands.

China Joe Biden has dementia – his brain is going.  He is the perfect figurehead for his communist globalist America-hating handlers,  – but he may not last long enough.

What his puppeteers are doing to this country – if carried out for another year,  – – can ONLY end in violence.

They have miscalculated.

We are God-fearing gun-owning historically-grounded Americans.  We see ourselves as CITIZENS, – never as ‘subjects’ or ‘wards’.

A breaking point is approaching.  It may come after some horrific triggering event,  – or it may come gradually and near-simultaneously across the country.


Stockpile food,  medicines,  key supplies,  and AMMO!

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