Now They’re Ruining College Football

Posted November 10th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It was stomach-turning.   I’d settled in to watch the BC-Clemson game tonight,  – when a Jared commercial came on – a marriage proposal between a bi-racial gay couple.

I don’t give a damn what gay people do in private;  – but I don’t want them proposing marriage in my living room,  – in the middle of a manly game like football.
I’m already eschewing the NFL over their kneelers.

2 Responses to “Now They’re Ruining College Football”

  1. Hal Shurtleff

    John Maynard Keynes homosexual partner and fellow child molester Lytton Strachey rermarked that by the Year 2000, we will have a homosexual world. He said that almost 100 years ago. What did he know that some are still denying today?

  2. Walter Knight

    So funny, I saw the same commercial featuring numerous couples proposing. It happened so fast I was not sure what I saw. Once again RRB is ahead of the curve.