Now Is A GREAT Time To PRAY!

Posted March 30th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Hydroxychloroquine may turn out to be a Godsend;  – a silver bullet.   Or it may only cure a percentage of the afflicted.

Today is a good time to offer up a prayer for your fellow man and your Young Republic!   Even you godless Democrats should try praying!

2 Responses to “Now Is A GREAT Time To PRAY!”

  1. Kojack

    On Fri 2/27 on the Laura Ingraham Show she cited a study in France where Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin was 80% effective treating COVID19. THE LAME STREAM MEDIA AND TONY FAUCHI AREN’T TALKING ABOUT IT BECAUSE THEY WANT TO KEEP THE SHUTDOWN IN PLACE SO THAT THEY HAVE A BETTER CHANCE TO ELECT A DUMMYCRAP ON 11/03/2020 EVEN IF IT MEANS PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE OR LOSE THEIR JOBS!!! That’s how EVIL and TWISTED the DUMMYCRAP Party is.

  2. Jim Buba

    The difference between (Wuhan) n-Corona Virus and the Common Cold & Flu is just the name.

    The raft of commentary and actions since mid-Feb are suspiciously similar to those used by the goof-balls that participated in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Computer Model Pandemic game. In that November, 2019 ‘game’, the Scripted Program was loosely designed to exude comments and actions as well as re-actions to rapidly updated news.

    Academenutz from around the world participated.

    One element almost completely ignored was PANIC. The rest is just the same hogwash derived from the comments. Magically, within a month, Dr. Wenliang starts posting his warning.

    China has expelled Western Journalists.

    Rumors following the Chinese order to immediately cremate the dead suggest that this is ongoing up through last week and one person interviewed had mentioned ‘around the clock’ as well as re-locating people from around China into Wuhan where the other half of the ‘Miracle 10-Day Hospital’ is being revealed as a conveyor ‘treatment’/’crematory’.

    It is that simple. Otherwise, the numbers from China would be updated regularly in the normal fashion and display the similar numbers from around the world. The same is true in South Korea, and both countries are boasting about the results of Rapid Response.