November 3rd Is N-O-T A Normal Election

Posted July 9th, 2020 by Iron Mike

As politics has evolved,  Republicans still believe in a free society under the Rule of Law – guided by our Constitution….and the Bible.

So-called “Democrats” also evolved,  – to become Socialists, Communists, Environmentalists, Globalists, anarchists, and crooks.  The ones who don’t believe it – are myopic and uninformed useful idiots,  – tools of the evil insiders using them as cannon fodder and ATM machines.

Republicans are the Party of National Interests first….(except for the fake republicans like Charlie Baker and Mitt Romney)…

The Democrats and their fellow travelers believe in using Government for Personal Gain and to justify, legitimize, legalize, and eventually reward tawdry and ungodly behavior, – and then to enrich themselves – at the expense of the masses.


RiNOs pretend to be Republicans – fool a lot of voters – but in the end vote like Democrats and behave exactly like them.   

In 2012,  Romney-Ryan would have been a better ticket than Obama-Biden;  – would have done us less harm,  – but once Trump was elected they quickly showed their true colors.

If today’s AntiFA and BLM looting and rioting has you worried,  you need to hark back to the fall of 2011 – and the Soros-inspired Occupy Movement…. This was an early training exercise to determine which tactics worked, and how were the reliable hard-core anarchists.

You should be VERY afraid!

Any coalition of Democrats, Socialists, Globalists, AntiFA and BLM, – that want US Citizens disarmed,  want our Police defunded and then disbanded,  want felons freed,  – and who feel entitled and JUSTIFIED to come TAKE anything they want,  – will eventually kill any disarmed and helpless people who stand in their way.

And they’ll not even listen when you tell them you’re a lifetime Democrat voter!

We’ve seen this before in recent History.

If you value your Freedom:

Get behind Trump even if you sometimes cringe at the way he says things.  Educate yourself and your circle of family and friends.  Don’t be shy!

If a Democrat (Biden or some last-minute stand-in) wins in November,  this country will sink into race-based chaos. 

Soros needs anarchy and chaos to initiate his NEXT STEP!

Arm yourself,  buy lots of bullets,  and talk to your neighbors about mutual self-defense plans.  No neighborhood will be ‘safe’,  and what police are left may be very busy.

Since Coronavirus hasn’t managed to shut down our economy,  – be prepared for the Chinese to send us something radically more lethal!



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  1. John

    China has plans, and they ain’t good
    Think red dawn, emp
    Plenty to worry about
    Brave new world indeed.