Novalee Slams Cowardly School Board

Posted June 22nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

With clarity, courage, and poise seldom seen in adults,  – this 9-year old girl takes on the white liberal hypocrites of her school board,  – and shames them!

We can only wonder why these five white liberals assumed that their duties included signing onto the BLM movement.

Lakeville is some 55,000 people – 89.3% White,  just 2.5% Black.

What kind of false WHITE GUILT haunts these people,  – that they should think that a shake-down scam is a legitimate political movement,  – and force it on elementary school kids?

God BLESS and watch over you Novalee!

One Response to “Novalee Slams Cowardly School Board”

  1. Kojack

    You go girl! She has more guts than all of those ANTI-AMERICAN RACIST LOSERS combined, and she is RIGHT!