Nothin’ To See Here Folks, Move Along

Posted January 9th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Airport Police shoot and kill a Black guywith a Muslim name – who’d parked illegally while trying to buy an airline ticket – with a stolen [woman’s] ID, – and then lunged at the cops with a knife.  And it barely made the news?
Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed

Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed
was shot in self defense by airport cops who were called to clear his illegally parked SUV.

Other cops were en route – responding to the call about a guy trying to buy a ticket with a stolen woman’s ID.  They arrived in time to see Hashim return to his SUV, – then pull a knife and begin slashing at the first officer.

Now we are assured that Hashim has both a lengthy record of violent criminal offenses – including knifing a guy in 1995, and illegal gun possession in 2000. And of course he had time ‘under court supervision’ for mental illness…

So what was this 41-year old dude up to?  On the VERY SAME DAY as the Muslim attack in Paris….?


Well now, who do you suppose Hamas and al Qaeda look for to do suicide bombings against Israeli targets? That’s right – they are notorious for recruiting retards!

So for the moment we can expect Al Sharpton to stay away from this one,  – since there are witness – including the tow-truck driver who’d been called to remove Hashim’s SUV; – and there is likely lots of airport surveillance video…

I don’t know how he thought it was going to end,” said the owner of Broad & James Towing. “I feel horrible that somebody lost their life.  At the same time, the officer tells you to stop, – it’s time to stop.”

So it was a clean kill – a justified kill, – and nothing racial about it.  A swinging knife doesn’t care about your skin color!

But was this guy out to commit ‘suicide-by-cop’,  – or was he trying to hijack an airliner? And why? He is said to have laughed at the cops as he attacked. They found more knives on his body.

Trust Eric Holder to smother this one….

4 Responses to “Nothin’ To See Here Folks, Move Along”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    You almost have to go the international media to read stories about what is happening in our own country. The media, rather than reporting, picks and chooses or even worse, takes direction from people within our own Government that would rather suppress the truth to proselytise their agenda. If anyone has any question that we are at war with Muslim Terrorist Extremists, they have not been paying attention.

  2. kojack

    It’s too bad that most of the in-bred rag-head practitioners of the “religion of peace” understand that you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

  3. Mc

    Does anyone remember when the National Enquirer was considered a scandal rag .. now it is does more investigative reporting than the others. What does that say about the others?

  4. Walter Knight

    ‘Activists’ will complain that police did not retreat or try to talk to the suspect.