Not Enough Soccer Moms Joe?

Posted February 12th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Joe Biden has just bombed – twice this month, – in his THIRD Presidential Campaign.  Maybe he thought riding into the White House on Obama’s coattails in 2008 made him electable?

The Lying White Squaw has been campaigning since 2013,  and didn’t even place?   Maybe those reliable Democrat voters – the suburban Soccer Moms,  have seen the future,  – and like the Trump Economy better for their kids?

Joe’s early departure from NH,  – even as the voting was still under way,  – speaks volumes about how little he cares about “the little people” who had worked for his campaign.

He left them high and dry, – without even a waive or a Thank You.

What did they really expect? Joe has always been a classless clod.

The next two contests are the Nevada Caucuses (Sat, Feb 22nd),  and the South Carolina Democrat Primary (Sat, Feb 29th).

At RRB we doubt that Biden can survive either,  – and he may withdraw well before March 1st.

Meanwhile, the old-time Democrats have some soul-searching to do.   We suggest that if they love this country,  – and if they’re enjoying the Trump Economy,  – they just WALK AWAY.

Astute political observers may note that as of Noon on Friday, 20 Jan 2017,  – when Obama had no further use for Joe Biden,  – he never once came to speak on his behalf. 

Update:  Thursday, 13 Feb 2020  The guys with the BIG $$$ have seen enough!


4 Responses to “Not Enough Soccer Moms Joe?”

  1. Kojack

    The infiltration of the democrat party by the Soviet commies during the 1950’s along with the dumming down of the electorate in the public screwel indoctrination system is finally bearing some fruit.

    What the commies didn’t count on because they actually believed in the superiority of communism is that it is destroying the DUMMYCRAT party.

    A free and prosperous nation WILL NEVER CHOOSE COMMUNISM OVER FREE MARKET CAPITALISM. The book “THE NAKED COMMUNIST” written by W. Cleon Skousen, an FBI agent who infiltrated the American Communist Party, describes this infiltration in detail.

  2. Walter Knight

    Biden believes unions will deliver Nevada, and blacks will deliver South Carolina. He says some of his best friends are black, and unions owe him favors. I think Biden is delusional.

    Prove me wrong at the end of the month.

  3. Jim Buba

    Ross Terrill, Australian-born, Harvard Fellow and CIA operative, wrote fairly about China in his book 800,000,000 The Real China. The over-paid clod (READ: Reason College Student Debt is the incredible burden it is, even for those who deserve and earn the Privilege of attending) is a boring read through the first ten chapters. There, he attempts to compare the differences in China between his 1964 visit in this 1971 return.

    Chapter 11 onward is the blockbuster series of paragraphs describing his audiences with Chou en Lai, Mo Jo Kuo and other Communist Chinese government (READ: Kill ’em if you got ’em ((1927-52)) ).

    Chou was ‘worried’ that Russia had taken the U.S. democrat party and was becoming anti-communist, so China focused upon the U.S. Republican Party, a plan that seems to have back-fired under Reagan, causing the Chi-Com to shift gears and infiltrate the democrat party to steal it from Russia.

    What ever happened to John Huang ( )

    – AND –


    Should remind you that Clinton was/(still is) a ChiCom Agent and that China financed and won the U.S. Congress in 1996.

    Just in case you wonder about what is and what should never have been.

  4. Vic

    I’m still fascinated with the ease with which he spoke the idiotic phrase, “lying dog-faced pony soldier.” I think he is working on a non-compos mentis defence already, and will have his legal team produce copious video evidence like that as proof that he is mentally unfit to stand trial.