Not All “Veterans” Are Honorable

Posted September 20th, 2017 by Iron Mike

In my lifetime I’ve seen far too many Democrats running for office wrap themselves in the heroic mantle of ‘veteran’ or even ‘war hero’.   Far too many were frauds and phonies;  JFK,  LBJ,  Carter,  Kerry,  Al Gore,  John Murtha,  “Navy SEAL” Gomez all come to mind,  – men with exaggerated or inflated résumés – trading the illusion of heroic deeds for votes.

Now down in Virginia – there’s another one….and he thinks he’s clever.

Funny how things change over the decades.  Back in the 60’s and early 70’s – as the Vietnam War was raging and protesters were clogging college campuses and burning draft offices,….the Democrat Party nearly to a man was opposed to all things military.

Kerry – the Lying Traitor

Today,  as America is faced with renewed Russian and Chinese adventurism,  ISIS,  the Taliban,  and the NorK Runt,….suddenly the Democrat Party is looking to military veterans for a veneer of patriotic respectability in the wake of the Clinton – Obama – Clinton debacles.

It’s working.  In Massachusetts, young former Marine Seth Moultin managed to ride into Congress on the coattails of his service in Iraq,  – but without anybody vouching for his spleen or his ability.  This being Massachusetts, – we’re stuck with him.

Army veteran and West Point grad Dan Helmer left active duty to become a “business strategist” to government (a lobbyist).   He’s married to a public school teacher (union teacher).   And his new TV video chides his Republican congresswoman for her opposition to ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood.

And that’s exactly when the alarm bells went off!

What real combat veteran can support the baby-killing factories of Planned Parenthood?   What “business strategist” can support ObamaCare – having observed how many businesses it closed and how many American jobs it destroyed?

A look on Helmer’s campaign website shows a lot of glossed-over buzz-wordswithout any meat.

He ~ may ~ be a veteran,….but he’s as liberal as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer,  – and even Barack Obama.

He’s not ‘clever’,  – he’s potentially dangerous.   I wouldn’t trust him to lead troops – or to serve in Congress!

Dan just came out with a Top Gun parody ad – which I’m sure this ‘business strategist’ thinks is clever,  – but most critics are panning.

You be the judge;  – is he selling glitz,  – or substance...?

And just FYI,  – I’ve scoured his campaign website  – couldn’t find a single THING about our 2nd Amendment.   I wonder why not?

Back in the 2013 Special Election to fill Kerry’s Senate seat – anybody remember the “Navy SEAL” who wouldn’t answer Republican questions – like “why did you give $$ to Obama?”

Remember how after he lost to Markey he came out against citizens owning guns?

See if you can find a “Republican” in this photograph….

10 Responses to “Not All “Veterans” Are Honorable”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    More testimony to the deterrent value of the death penalty….

  2. Sylvester

    It is sad that the voters vote these people into office. In the liberal world Kerry is a hero. Very sad.

  3. John 'Ben' Beninati

    What B.S. Besides, he needs some singing and acting lessons.

  4. Hawk1776

    Helmer is not a candidate I would support, but that does not diminish his service as a Army officer. Veterans have one common attribute. After that they differ.

  5. Vic

    The Tories were right. We traded one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants less than a mile away.

  6. Adam R.

    According to The Green Papers, 9 people are vying for VA-10, including a state senator. It will be wild in the general election because Northern Virginia has swollen up with virtue signaling Northeastern transplants who have jobs inside the beltway.

    Shrillary won this district last year, which may account for her winning Virginia altogether.

  7. Jim Buba

    Well, that T-shirt and a whole lot of “…them $100 bills for volunteers…” will win any intelligence-challenged district.

    Proximity to the Swamp tells all.

  8. Meat And Potatoes

    Yeah.. Saw this the other day and immediately had my doubts.

    Isn’t Seth Moulton another vet who used that as his crutch to elected office?


    You are correct about Mister Moulton. Odd that he has no “Old Combat Buddies” backing his campaigns…

  9. Spartacus 6

    Had the displeasure of meeting Seth at his congressional office. It was a scheduled meeting. He never moved us from the hallway into his suite and all he did was look at his watch. A real turd. They all think we are there for them. As we said in the city FUCM.

  10. Walter Knight

    When Democrats talk about the next election they talk about moving to the center, but not actually changing their opinions. In other words, they won’t tell the truth about their opinions. It’s all spin to fool the public, again. That’s why they call themselves ‘progressives’ instead of ‘liberals.’ It’s all spin.