NorKs Testing Obama With Artillery

Posted November 23rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

It has happened to every president since FDR.  Back then it was Mussolini, then Hitler, then the Japs bombing Pearl Harbor. Later it was Stalin taking over Eastern Europe and then Mao taking over China. 

In June 1950 Harry Truman, still smarting from Mao’s takeover of the Chinese mainland, got an ugly wake-up call when North Korea’s Kim-Il-sung ordered his brand new Russian equipped army to invade South Korea.

Today Obama got his 3 AM phone call!  The North Koreans are testing the reactions and resolve of our new-world MEssiah by shelling a small island.  They’ve already killed South Korean Marines and wounded civilians. 

This is a classic “Oh #uck!” moment for any world leader.  But Obama knows absolutely NOTHING about Korea, or about the military.  His only trusted advisors are all socialists, – and Rahm Emanuel is off campaigning in Chicago.  Soros can’t help him with this one.  Hillary will give him carefully guarded and couched advice.  This is exactly the moment she was talking about in 2008.

Obama may vaguely be aware that the Korean War lasted four years, and that the belligerents are still legally at war, – the key reason our troops are still stationed within range of North Korean artillery.  He may be told today that that war cost us over 54,000 killed – nearly as many as Vietnam did, and cost Truman his second term,  just as Vietnam cost LBJ his second term.

He may be vaguely aware that the NorKs have just been discovered continuing their efforts to build atomic bombs.  He may barely remember that Kim-Il-sung’s grandson Kim Jong-Un has just been named a general in the army, and the successor to Kim Jong-Il who is visibly ill and weak.

In these next few hours and days will you see Obama act with calm and resolve to smite the North Koreans and punish their brazen folly?  Or will he be hiding behind Michelle and Valerie’s skirts and reading from his beloved teleprompters?  

Remember the Chinese just fired a warning shot across his bow while he was grandstanding in India on his ’round-the-world diplomatic failure trip.  Now the little North Koreans have fired a prolonged artillery barrage, – hardly an accidental thing.  The NorKs are well aware that the Obama pResidency is in a badly weakened state since November 2nd.  And it’s Thanksgiving Week in the USA. 

Happy Turkey Day Mister pResident!!!   Your legacy is being defined by third world upstart trouble-making goons.  And by-the-way, they’re socialists!  Now that’s funny! 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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