NorK Runt Kim Jung-un Executes Former Lover

Posted August 29th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Don’t break up with a runt who commands firing squads.
Kim's ex girlfriend
Hyon Song-wol had been Kim’s teenage lover – but daddy broke it up. She continued her singing career, married a soldier, had a baby. After daddy died he re-kindled the romance – showed her off in public.

But somehow last year he married another singer, Ri Sol-ju. Then things started to go bad for Hyon…

 2012 Kim shows off new bride
Seems Hyon made some grievous mistakes: (1). being North Korean, (2). dating Kim Jong-un, (3). probably having his kid while married to a soldier, (4). then making a porn video after their breakup…

The porn video may have been too much loss of face for Dear Leader.  She and other members of the cast were executed by machine-gun fire – as their friends and families watched. The lesson in ruthlessness will not be lost in that tiny country.

New wife Ri – take careful note,…and be sure to keep Dear Leader very happy!
Ri Sol-ju

Hyon Song-wolNow I’m not saying ‘all NorK girls look the same’,

– BUT…is there an uncanny resemblance between current wife Ri and executed lover Hyon…?

Obama Cartel – take careful note: If the Mongolian Runt will machine-gun his ex-lover [and mother of his bastard child] – he’s not a man to take lightly.

Ri, we at RRB wish you a long happy marriage – and many healthy children. Because your runt husband has plenty of well-trained obedient replacements at his beck and call…

Replacement Wives

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  1. Casey Chapman

    The Runt reminds me of gangsters here in the 1920’s. Has to have his ego stroked. Probably not the only part that has to be stroked.