None So Blind As Walsh And Warren

Posted December 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

None is so blind as he who will not see…”   Boston’s mayor and MassHole’s senior senator have both lived through 9/11,  through the Marathon Bombing,  through Fort Hood,  San Bernardino, Chattanooga,  the Pulse Nightclub,  the Paris Massacre,  Bastille Day in Nice,….how much more evidence do they need?

Yet there they were – pandering to an outspoken advocate of Islamic violence toward Christians….. Marty Walsh was shaking his hand.

George W. Bush did this nation and Western Civilization a terrible disservice after 9/11 – when (maybe for expedient political reasons) he told us that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’.

Somebody should have told him better…..

But it has become the mantra of the Left and of the Progressive Movement – that somehow – despite the evidence – 99.9% of Muslims are peaceful – and mean us no harm.

Of course it’s not true! Whether you think of Islam as ‘a religion‘ – or as a cult of male domination and conquest by the sword,…the basic tenant of Islam remains…

Convert,  – pay the Jizya,  – or DIE!”

You can be sure that Senator Squaw cannot explain what the Jizya is,  – or the ceremony by which it is to be collected…

You can be damned sure she cannot explain the differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims,  – nor why there is a difference.

See any women or children ‘refugees’ here?

You can bet neither Warren nor Walsh can recount any of the history of the Muslim invasion of Europe, – nor explain what is happening in Europe now as a result of this new invasion of ‘refugees’.

None is so blind as he who will not see…”

And there sits Warren – who has yet to travel to Oklahoma and make peace with her “Cherokee relatives” – sitting in the Roxbury mosque (heavily and continually linked to a series of terrorists)  – trying to build up résumé credits for her eventual run for the White House….

And Marty?   He’s there to reassure the Imam that he’ll continue to cater to the Muslims when he’s elected Governor in 2018….  

In other words,  he’s willing to turn a blind eye to anti-American activities and even some lone-wolf terrorism,  – in exchange for guaranteed Muslim votes.

Not long ago Marty was sitting with Hillary and pronouncing her “most qualified” to lead the country and the free world.

Do you think Marty – a reformed alcoholic,  – is just a little judgment impaired,  – or simply severely brain damaged?

Watch and wait Folks…. Boston remains a key terrorist target.

Watch Marty’s soulful Irish eyes pretending shock and grief the next time these Islamic mother-fuckers have killed our citizens on the streets of Boston.

It’s only a matter of time!

Listen as Imam Abdullah Faaruuq – the man shaking Marty’s hand – tells his followers to pick up whatever tool they can find….

He is the very face of the slow steady invasion and conquest of our land.

Ignore this danger,…pretend it’s just talk,…just political hype,…and your children and grandchildren will be combatants – or victims of – an 8th Century religious war….a very bloody one!

Isn’t it odd,….the very SAME DEMOCRATS who want to restrict your gun ownership,  – are so very quick to welcome and embrace our 1400 year long sworn enemies?

5 Responses to “None So Blind As Walsh And Warren”

  1. Sherox

    Do any of them know what a wahabi muslim is?

  2. Varvara

    “See any women or children refugees here?” I only see military age men. No men with grey or white beards or hair.

    As for the muslim invasion of Europe 1400 years ago I haven’t heard lately, or read, anyone talking about the white slaves that the muslims captured. The modern invasion seems to be with young men trying to impregnate young women and raise more muslims.

    Yes, I remember when Lebanon was a beautiful country.

  3. Kojack

    Someday a mushroom cloud will appear over an American city like D.C. or N.Y. and the a-holes will still be in denial.

  4. Walter Knight

    Trump needs to send a message by trying and executing prisoners at Guantanamo.

  5. Sonny's Mom

    Hey, a new Warren nickname (hat-tip to a Breitbart reader): “Running Joke”

    Her Cherokee name translates to: “Walking Eagle” [Bird so full of SHIT it cannot fly!]