Nobody Came For China Joe Biden & CNN

Posted July 22nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

The formerly-Catholic Mount St. Joseph University is in Cincinnati, Ohio (a long way for a dementia patient to go),  – but despite the hype of a ‘Secret Location’, – nobody came to listen.

CNN and the WH Staff should be embarrassed, – the 1050 hall was damn near empty.

1050 seats,…and nobody gave enough of a damn to show up?

Those few…?  Union officials required to be there…?   This is how the place looks on the Mount St. Joseph website….

Here is the place Wednesday night with Biden and CNN’s Don Lemon….

If this is the best Biden can draw – 6 months into his 1st Term,  – things sure look bad for Democraps come next year’s Mid-Terms….

Who wants to listen to a dementia patient?

2 Responses to “Nobody Came For China Joe Biden & CNN”

  1. Jim Buba

    See? Everybody except democrats and the Oeking U.S. media knows that a loud fart makes more sense than Blinky Joe

  2. Connie Mays

    What a hoot! This couldn’t have gone better if we Republicans had planned it.