No, The Sky Ain’t Falling Chicken Little

Posted June 25th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The stock market drops a ‘whopping’ 3.39%,  – and you’d think somebody dropped an atomic bomb on London…
OK, the DOW drops 611 points,…just how jittery were investors when they went to bed Wednesday night?  Why hadn’t they already sold off?  I’m hardly an expert,  but it sure seems that folks with CASH are in a position to swoop in and buy up some selective bargains….. Monday will tell the story….George Soros might make himself another fortune.  Listening to the liberal know-it-alls,  – it’s clear they really hate the idea of ordinary people deciding for themselves…

What a difference elections in England, the USA and France can make!

5 Responses to “No, The Sky Ain’t Falling Chicken Little”

  1. Hawk1776

    The stock market often rises or falls due to FUD, Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt. This is true for BREXIT. There is no fundamental problem with the stock market. Wait a week or two or four and it will recover. Much ado about nothing.

  2. Sherox

    It’s all based upon speculation. They didn’t expect the British to actually secede from the EU, & now they are in a tizzy. Time to actually plan for two possibilities instead of thinking you actually know the outcome, you stupid leaders.

  3. Mt Woman

    My guess is that the shock and awe brought to the elitist by the Brexit move to leave the EU was almost a scheduled and pre-planned event–a “we’ll show them” moment. My father used to say, “now you’ve really done it”–when he was disappointed in me. Get it–it’s all a move by the elitists to show those pathetic hoards who voted to exit what a stupid blunder they brought upon Great Britain. they will ensure that they are made to fear and suffer for their vote. For the financial types, they hold no political positions and will go where the money is–you are right–these financial types will see the move as a buying opportunity and the market will recover!!!

  4. Walter Knight

    Liberals think the UK voting to leave the European Union is all about money. Wrong. Voters know they will take a financial hit. The UK is taking back its sovereignty. No longer will others regulate business for the English. No longer will the flood of immigrants from Eastern Europe and the Middle East be allowed to overwhelm England.

    At least, that’s what the voters want. They will still have to get rid of establishment politicians to really retake control of their country. Yes, the Trump tidal wave reached all the way to the UK, and will soon wash up across the shores of mainland Europe.

  5. Kojack

    Well said, Walter. In the long run this move will be financially beneficial to the U.K.