No Tears Here For “Mullah” John Murtha

Posted February 8th, 2010 by Iron Mike
Murtha – Always A Windbag

Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha died today at age 77.  He represented the PA 12th District.   His gall bladder saved him from an embarrassing re-election defeat,  and saved the voters of the 12th from any further embarrassment.   Remember in ’08 when he called them – his own voters –  racists?  

I’ll shed no tears for him.  I saw him as a bloated bombastic windbag, – always looking for the TV cameras and almost always on the wrong side of issues.  He was probably the “King of Pork” in Congress – the John Murtha Airport – with only three flights daily – being one of the more glaring examples.

I’ll let the Marines who served around him write his final epithet.  For my 2 cents worth: “G’bye John, – we won’t miss ya’!” 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “No Tears Here For “Mullah” John Murtha”

  1. Lew Waters

    I doubt many will miss him, even his fellow Democrats. To them, he has become a useful tool to use to further their socialism. In notices concerning his death, I am particularly struck that they call him a “Patriotic Veterans,”

    I’d say ask the 8 Marines from Haditha who he smeared openly as “cold-blooded murderers” in 2005.

    What “Patriotism” or “Loyalty” were they shown as one by one, all but one has been acquited, the one still awaiting trial.