No Mister President! No! No! No!

Posted February 10th, 2020 by Iron Mike

A ‘College Education’ is NOT a ‘right’ for young Americans.  It is a privilege that must be EARNED,  – either by their parents,  or by themselves, – through work, savings,  – and maybe in a rare few cases – through sheer luck.  It must involve proven academic excellence and noteworthy deportment in high school.

A college degree IS NOT something that American Taxpayers should ever subsidize!  And certainly NOT for entitlement-minded lackluster performers.

Thanks to government-guaranteed student loans (another Democrat vote-buying racket) the price of a college degree has skyrocketed over these past 40 years,

– while the graduates they churn out are in too many cases slobbering incompetents incapable of earning enough money to pay their own living expenses and repay their loans.

So they want Bernie Sanders or Senator Squaw to “FORGIVE” their bad decisions,  – their mediocre grades,  – and their loan balances.


If a plumber,  an electrician,  and an auto mechanic can earn more than a college graduate with a Master’s in Gender Studies,  – who is to blame?

If a cop, a firefighter, or an EMT (who all face danger and 24 x 7 duty) can earn more than a ‘college-trained kindergarten teacher’,  – what is wrong with the system?



Make high school graduates work in the dreaded civilian sector for a minimum for two years before even applying to college. 

Let’s see some PROVEN work ethic before we even let ’em in the door.

Maybe then we’d have a few less radical commies on campus,  – and more people thinking about how they plan to spend 40 years earning their living,  – and thus taking appropriate courses leading to worthwhile degrees.

We might even have far fewer snot-nosed Know-it-ALLs telling us at age 22 – how we should transform our society into a Socialist Utopia,  – where everybody had a guaranteed wage and a comfortable dignified retirement – regardless of work history.

It’s really too bad that today’s ultra-expensive colleges aren’t teaching History and Economics to students,  – and forcing them to think about cause & effect and long-term consequences of shitty decisions….

What if EVERY college required a 1-year internship in that dreaded private sector after their Junion year,  – where once again the ‘student’ must PROVE they have both competence in performing tasks,  – and the WORK ETHIC to meet stringent job requirements in the real world. 

Only THEN would they be allowed back to finish their Senior year.

6 Responses to “No Mister President! No! No! No!”

  1. Old Soldier

    Make them pay for student loans!!!!

  2. Kilsyth

    Even for graduates with a viable major, a great academic record, and a true work ethic, forgiving student loans (thus dumping those forgiven amounts on U.S. taxpayers) is Entirely the Wrong approach. It worsens the wrong incentives all around.
    1) It reinforces colleges to continue qualifying the most students to borrow the most money, enhancing the institutions’ guaranteed revenue streams.
    2) It encourages graduates to pay only the minimum loan payments each year, so the largest balance at the end can be “free”. Indeed, financial consultants will advise that.
    3) It insults and punishes the students and their parents who work, plan, save, and pay for their education, because these same groups are likely paying a lot of federal income taxes.
    4) Not everyone needs to go to college to make a good living. Consider what it cost last time you hired a plumber, carpenter, electrician, etc.

    Very surprised at the Trump administration for this Bernie /Warren-like proposal. Hopefully someone will reconsider.

  3. Sherox

    Personally, I despise this idea. Forgive student loans, then credit card loans, then mortgages? I worked hard and sacrificed to pay off my student loans. I am damned proud of that.

  4. Kojack

    Here’s an idea, how about requiring 2 years of military service as a requirement for a gov’t gauranteed student loan and a grade C or better on a comprehensive 3-year U.S. History(the REAL U.S. history) and civics course to graduate from high school.

  5. Aloha Snackbar

    Doesn’t the Constitution spell out what Americans’ rights are? I don’t remember seeing a free college education in the list of rights.

  6. Jim Buba

    Egad! There is only ONE reason that college students are burdened with unthinkable debt and it is the COST of College (University) Administration and Professors.

    Cut the Teacher Entitlements, eliminate and PROHIBIT ANY school from owning RENTAL PROPERTY.