“No Guns! But Please Take A Condom!”

Posted December 23rd, 2012 by Iron Mike

Free CondomsPhiladelphia is giving up
on its kids.

22 high schools – with documented high STD rates – will install free condom dispensers over the Christmas vacation.

So the Left want guns banned and confiscated; – but free condom dispensers are OK – particularly for poor Black kids? 

Anybody besides me see anything racist about this?  Are poor inner-city Black kids too backward to learn self-respect and abstinence?Penn EBT Card

Or is the Left that eager to hand out more welfare checks and EBT cards?

5 Responses to ““No Guns! But Please Take A Condom!””

  1. Tom

    The dirty little secret buried in this additional hypocrisy is that the number of abortions on black babies far exceeds their percent of the total population. Is this racist?

  2. Molly

    Teens are going to have sex. That’s just what happens. But it’s better for them to have protected sex than unprotected sex. Giving out free condoms can’t hurt.
    What HURTS teens Molly – is when adults – particularly adults in positions of authority – send signals to whole high schools that ‘it’s OK to have sex – just as long as you use a condom’.

    AIDS/ STDs / and unplanned pregnancy is HARDLY the only consequence of teenage sex.

    When the morays of Civilized Society are dumbed down to ‘anything’s OK – just use a free government condom’ – the very fabric of society is at risk. The Left has been hard at work destroying our society, with failing union-run schools, with drugs, with lenient sentencing of criminals, and with promiscuous sex – even for kids too young to understand long-term consequences.

    Come January 15th, those kids won’t know who the LtGov of Pennsylvania is, but they WILL know where to get a free condom.

  3. Sue

    Not to mention that by handing out free condoms you are doing the exact opposite of fostering responsibility.
    If people are muture enough to have sex, then they ought to be able to be responsible enough, forward thinking enough, and caring enough about the well being of their partner to buy their own condoms.
    All this is teaching is that the government will take care of you from cradle to grave and everyone should stop thinking and just do whatever they want whenever they want and the consequences be damned.

  4. Walter Knight

    I have a niece who teaches in Philadelphia. It’s not civilized society there. The police make arrests in class often. Free condoms? Sure, why not? It’s cheaper than paying welfare later. Teens will have sex no matter what messages are sent. Drugs are the real problem.

    The schools can teach abstinence and give out condoms at the same time. It’s called multi-tasking. And they say schools are dysfunctional. Ha!

  5. Terry

    What is so funny is how the right wants teens to have guns but not have access to condoms