Nine Ooey-Gooey Anti-Gun Fools!

Posted May 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It is as if they had never read any History, and certainly never read – or understood – our Constitution.

The City Council of Bolder Colorado had taken it upon themselves to carefully define what an “Assault Weapon” is (chiefly it looks scary), and ban them.

Tuesday night they met – discussed a range of city issues – and finally got to proposed Ordinance 8245.

After some discussion – and acknowledging they’d received thousands of angry emails and calls, they passed it.  It felt good.

Ludicrous!    Even their own write-up states there are only two stores in Bolder selling guns,  – and Councilwoman Nagle (the young pretty one) worried that this would lead to a lot of lawsuits.

But they all want to feel as if they’re doing something to curb “Gun Violence”,  – as if disarming honest citizens makes the population safer from nut cases, Muslims,  and cartel murders.

So it will fall upon City Attorney Tom Carr to become the focal point of Gun Owner Wrath.  Start looking for your next gig Tom,  – remember what happened back in Seattle.

These fools are not alone or isolated in their foolishness.  Most liberals believe they can pass “Magic Laws” to eliminate danger and keep violence from happening.

In the post WWI euphoria,  Americans campaigned for,  passed,  and ratified the XVIII Amendment – which would surely keep the population safe and families together by outlawing “Demon Rum”.  

It immediately gave rise to smuggling the Mafia,  and made old Joseph Kennedy a rich man.

The push for a “Dry America” was an early experiment by Socialists to see if public opinion could be molded and swayed by emotional arguments,…so stories of hungry children suffering because daddy drank the paycheck abounded.  By 1919 there was an emotional tsunami sweeping across the land.

Americans are easily swayed by emotional appeals,  – often with disastrous results,  – or at least with negligible provable results.

The mandated nationwide 55 mph speed limit didn’t increase our fuel supplies or lower the cost of gasoline.

All our drug laws have done (aided and abetted by our open borders) is make Colombian and Mexican drug lords rich – and very deadly.

Electing Jimmy Carter as the “anti-Nixon” proved an absolute disaster.

Enacting overly-stringent “environmental laws” – – to save the planet only drove our industries overseas (where their smokestacks still belch thick black smoke) – – leaving behind hollowed-out cities where poverty and drug-fueled crime abound.

Liberals like the fools on the Boulder City Council are reluctant to address the issues of the insane walking around in our midst – for fear of ‘offending somebody’.  So instead they attack an issue they both fear and know nothing about – guns and our 2nd Amendment.

Funny (not) how being in GOVERNMENT suddenly makes them feel wise and omnipotent.

Here are the emails of the Council members and Attorney Carr.  You might want to ask them WHY Prohibition ended; – see if they even know when or which amendment did it.

And ask them how many UNARMED / DISARMED civilians around the Globe were murdered by their OWN GOVERNMENTS during the 20th Century.

THEN ASK THE TOUGH QUESTION:  If you want to ‘save lives’ – – why haven’t you closed down Boulder’s two ABORTION CLINICS?,,,,,,,,,

2 Responses to “Nine Ooey-Gooey Anti-Gun Fools!”

  1. Panther 6

    Colorado is rapidly gaining on California as the Fruit and Nut capital of our nation. Shame cause it is a beautiful state. These idiots need to be careful-lots of gun toters out there and these lads and lasses may find themselves looking for a new line of work at the next election.

    I listened last night to Adam Putnam, candidate for Governor of Florida Give a great analysis of what needs to be done to curtail gun violence. His ever point was right on culminating with let’s pay attention to mental health issues. He gets my vote. Sorry there aren’t more Putnam’s around the nation. Also learned last night that at least one College in Polk County FL has trained / armed faculty walking the halls thanks to Sheriff Grady Judd.

  2. Kojack

    PANTHER – part of the reason CO is gaining on CA is because MASSHOLES are moving there and changing the state from red to purple as they did in NH and as they’re doing in AZ.

    Hey, MASSHOLES, when you leave this political CESS-POOL that you created, the LEAST you could do is not create another one where you’re moving to. OTHERWISE, SUCK IT UP AND STAY HERE IN THIS SHIT-HOLE OF YOUR MAKING AND LEAVE THE RED STATES ALONE!