Niki Tsongas: Stupid or Corrupt?

Posted September 17th, 2009 by Iron Mike

FOLLOW UP:   As I type these words on this beautiful Sunday morning,  Acton Patriot Ken Henderson is atop a tall step ladder painting the flagpole in front of Tsongas’ Acton Office.   He’s doing it more out of patriotism than for the paltry sum he’s being paid.  He showed me the old flag – tattered and faded – that the Tsongas staffers had balled up and stuffed into a cabinet.  These people do not know or respect American patriotic traditions.  And you’re paying thair salaries!!   Nice, huh?

Is Tsongas Terminally Stupid
or Just Totally Corrupt?

Good Evening Americans!  I have seldom been so mad at a public figure as I am at Congresswoman Niki Tsongas tonight.  She was one of just seventy-five (75) corrupt or indifferent Democrats who voted to continue federal funding to ACORN,  despite a week of stunning revelations about how their field offices actively aid and abet corruption and child prostitution.

Smugness Defined!I honestly don’t know if Ms. Smug thinks she knows better than us, – or if she’s simply doing the bidding of the Botox Queen and There are only two possible explanations for her vote: abject stupidity – – or being totally corrupt. I can’t wait to hear her explanation.

By coincidence I was in her Acton office today – speaking with a severely under-powered staffer about the American Flag hanging like a distress rag in front of her office.  It’s been like that for over a week.  Niki doesn’t seem to give a shit – either about our Flag or about which criminal enterprises get to spend your tax money.  This is way beyond just being a stubbornly befuddled grandmother.  Her vote today just proved “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that she is both too mentally and too ethically challenged to serve in Congress. She should resign now, – or be drummed out next November!

Go Sam Meas!!

How did the rest of our Moonbats vote?  Barney Frank didn’t.  Remember his gay roommate once ran a call-boy service from their house. Prostitution doesn’t upset Barney.  Tsongas and seven others all voted to keep ACORN’s money flowing.  Only 6th District John Tierney found the courage to cast a vote for decency. One (1) – out of ten;  a most shameful record of disservice to Massachusetts and the Nation.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. Tim Imholt

    This is terrible. I know this is an old BLOG and she has been reelected again and again since this was written. She should be thrown out. This is just terrible.