Niki Tsongas – So Woefully Wrong

Posted December 5th, 2009 by Iron Mike

We MassHoles in the 5th District live under a burden second only to those poor bastards in the Mass 4th – [they have Bwarny Fwank].  Our Congresswoman “GrandMa” Tsongas has time and again proven herself so totally wrong on so many issues I can’t explain them all today.  Her recent goof is her email  to constituents that displays her inability to grasp the realities of the evil we face.

I’ve come to understand that she is genetically incapable of logical or rational thinking about this subject – any more than she was back during her youth – the Vietnam era. To her “all war is bad” – there is never a good reason for war.  And there wouldn’t be any war – if smarter more visionary people like herself were simply allowed to sit down and talk to our enemies.  In her heart she’s an internationalist socialist – a person who yearns for a world without borders or countries – and thus without armies. She’s led a very protected life.

So despite the fact that Islamists struck here and killed people from her district [my next-door neighbor for one] her instinct is to go reason with them. She cannot grasp that the Islamists see her as a woman deserving of being stoned to death.  She just doesn’t get it – and never will – even if she was being stoned.

 >> opposed … supplemental funds for the war .. did not have an exit strategy in place
Going to war is not like going to a hockey game at the Garden. It’s nice to have an “exit strategy” when the game is over and you want to get out of Boston and drive home.  But war is not a game, and is not undertaken lightly. You are all in – or you don’t go.  And if you are being attacked,  you’re already all in it.  So you defend and counter-attack with everything – or submit to your attacker.  “Submit” has often meant that the men are killed, the women raped, and the children carried off as slaves. In 21st Century America too many people have not studied history, and cannot grasp this basic reality.

 >> length of the U.S. commitment in the region was unknown
In war the commitment is until one side is either dead, – or willing to submit. For so long as the Islamists are willing to wait us out in caves, we still have a commitment, – or they will reemerge and their next campaign will be worse. That lesson should be obvious from recent history; – our failure to crush Saddam the first time required a much more costly return trip. Vietnam and Cambodia should also be fresh in your memory.

 >> potential costs in both American lives and treasure had not been appropriately articulated
War is not a discretionary expense. If you are worried about dollar signs you are hobbling your generals and endangering your troops.  GrandMa doesn’t understand; – she is not debating about buying new jerseys for the Varsity, – she’s funding a war! This is defeatist talk at the outset, – which we also saw in Obama’s West Point surrender announcement.

 >> Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen continued the process of explaining

Niki Clutching Notes

Niki Clutching Notes

She is such a [pardon my French] a dumb ***** she loves flinging words and titles around because she (1). is overly impressed herself, and (2) she thinks you’ll be impressed to hear her use these words.  Remember her clutching her MoveON talking points during the Town Hall events?  She really doesn’t have a CLUE!  Over a year ago I gave her the Principles of War – and offered to teach her further about them.  Think she ever even read them?  She hasn’t got a clue. Way too dumb to be in Congress.

 >> greater detail…needed around several points that are central to the ultimate success of this strategy
What Strategy??!? We have no strategy!  Obama does NOT want to win this war – you never heard him say “victory”.  His reasons and makeup are far different from GrandMa’s,  he is emotionally on the side of al Qaeda and the Taliban. He wants the Islamists to win – but it can’t be obvious.

So he claims to have a “strategy” – in reality a plan of half-actions and missteps guaranteed to produce a defeat. Democrats don’t care. [Most don’t care about people as people, they care about their grand visions and policies]. They’d all just as soon pull out now and let the Taliban start the beheadings and the stonings. They do not understand the nature of this enemy. They have no strategic vision, – right now they’re only thinking about the mid-term elections,  not about our national security or world peace.

>> I will continue to press for answers to these unresolved questions during the Armed Services Committee hearing with General McChrystal next week.
Translation: “I am just so important!!  I get to question a 4-Star General!!  I will read a series of prepared statements to McChrystal [who will listen with stony resolve while clenching his toes under the desk] and ask some prepared questions which I don’t fully understand.  I won’t understand his answers – but I’ll be seen on C-SPAN.”

 >> As the President stated, our commitment in Afghanistan cannot be indefinite
Really?  We’re still in Germany and Korea. Who dictates timelines, – Congress, the press, or the actions of the enemy?

>> training of Afghan National Security Forces has been part of our strategy for…eight years . . . they still are not close to being capable of providing security on their own.
Well, – let’s change our “strategy” and go after the Taliban and al Qaeda – let’s kill every last man, woman, child and dog where necessary to end the threat to America. That is a strategy! [OK, a ~ little ~ over the top, but you get the idea. Don’t wuss around with something this important].

Doing something half-assed, – then deciding that since it’s not working you’ll pack up and go home is why we lost in Vietnam [an easily winnable war].  It’s exactly why Cambodia fell to the Khmer Rouge [Cambodian version of the Taliban] and why the Khmer Rouge were then able to slaughter 1,500,000 people in the killing fields.  BTW Niki, the scourge of street gang violence in Lawrence and Lowell is a direct result of our turning tail and exiting SE Asia without a victory.  

Look at the map People, – understand just how very close the Taliban and al Qaeda are right now to the Pakistani nuclear arsenal – and how quickly the whole equation will change if they get their hands on even one of those Pakistani nukes.  Do you think GrandMa has a clue?

Islamist are swarming over most European countries, bullying those nations into permitting Sharia Law, and gaining ever easier access into America. Do you think GrandMa has a clue?   Help GrandMa understand she isn’t helping anybody but our enemies by diluting our efforts.  Email her at:  or call: (202) 225-3411.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. political satire articles

    I usually don’t leave comments!!! Trust me! Though I liked your web site…especially this post! Would you mind terribly if I placed a backlink from my web site to your web site?

  2. Damien Blaze

    Correction… Obama does indeed utter the word ‘victory’. He has said, very forcefully, that he is not comfortable with the concept of ‘victory’.

    It reminds him too much of “Emperor Hirohito surrendering on the USS Missouri”. Ugh. So much for History. Maybe the Democrats will pass a law that bans war. Apparently, war is bad for children and other living things. You must not have got the memo.

    Don’t forget, we’re supposed to be “waging peace”. Our military is nothing but a humanitarian expeditionary force that is not supposed to fly the flag because it “sends the wrong message”(like in Haiti).

    The bumpersticker reminds us all to ‘Coexist’. I’m not sure, but I think that means “Die infidel scum!!!” in Arabic.

    Give me Liberty, or Give me Diplomacy!!!
    Live Free or Negotiate Surrender!!!
    You can’t Hug a Child with Nuclear Arms!!!

    It will be a great day when our kids all go to private school, the Air Force has all the bombers it needs, and the thugs in the teachers’ unions have to have a bake sale to buy brass knuckles.