Niki Tsongas Reveals Her Hollow Core

Posted August 9th, 2009 by Iron Mike

New Congress Tsongas

Hello Americans!

My Congresswoman – Niki Tsongas of the Mass 5th is holding a series of Tell-a-fluff and Town Hall meetings to explain her position on ObamaCare.  She’s running into some pretty stiff and outspoken resistance from her constituents, – and her handling of us is very revealing.

In her telephone conference call,  – people like me were filtered out by her minions.  We never had a chance to tell her about our opposition.

Saturday morning however – she got an earful at Chelmsford’s Town Hall.  Her office through her web site had tried to ensure the hall was packed with pro-ObamaCare supporters.  Her web site even provided handy little support signs folks could print out at home and display.  But a goodly number of genuine skeptics and opponents managed to get seated, – while at least 500 were left outside.

Slowly but surely, layer-by-layer the onion was peeled.  Niki has become a de-facto MoveON employee,  mindlessly spouting socialist pap [she may actually believe it],  and refusing to directly answer fair-minded questions from skeptics.  Several folks inside asked – “if you believe this is a good deal for us, – why don’t you vote the Members of Congress onto it?”

    You can see me briefly in a red T-shirt at the start of the video. 

Now with a heavy police presence [nice job Chelmsford PD!] and a fairly orderly crowd of 500 waiting to see / speak with her,  Pelosi’s lap-dog never made even an appearance at the back door to acknowledge the gathered voters – some of whom were her supporters.  Who are you afraid of Niki – your own voters?

I was genuinely amazed at the number of fairly fervent ObamaDupes I spoke with who actually think HR 3200 is about “affordable health care for everybody”.   They refuse to consider for a moment that it might just be a socialist ploy to control every aspect of our society and our economy.  Almost none knew who Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is.  Scary!  If enacted, they could then tell you to “play along, or we’ll void your medical card”.  That’s ~ almost ~ better than coming after your guns.  To the extent they remain blinded, Obama’s trickery is working.

I can only conclude that her three years in Congress has placed her in a totally insular and elitist world,  far removed from the voters of the Mass 5th.   Today Niki is working for MoveOn, – not for us.   These town hall events are just fluff – like her Tell-a-Fluff.  Her mind is made up [programmed] and she’s going to vote for Socialized Medicine – come hell or high water.

We need to vote her OUT in November 2010!  Then our NEW Congressman – Sam Meas – can start undoing her damage!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Niki Tsongas Reveals Her Hollow Core”

  1. Sam Meas


    You are amazing! Great photos of Pelosi and Tsongas. Pelosi got so much botox that she permanent smile on her face!

    Keep up the great work! Our grass-root movement will prevail. We will not win back our country and put it back on the straight path to liberty and freedom.

    As your Congressman, I will work very hard to be your staunchest advocte in Congress. I will not take orders from party leaders who are out of touch with reality!

    Sam Meas
    Republican Candidate for US Congress

  2. ran

    Please vote SAM MEAS for US Congress in 5th District.