Niki Tsongas Reads Rabid Republican

Posted September 15th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Oh the IRONY!!   Tsilent Tsongas – the haughty elitist über-liberal socialist from the Massachusetts 3rd Congressional District – worries about what we’ve written about her. For background read the Sept 13th entry below…
Niki reads RRB
Today – 50 days before the election – she’s worried about what bloggers are saying?  BUT,  for seven (7) long years she couldn’t be bothered studying warfare?

Hey Niki, – do you know who Sergeant Tahmooressi is?   Why have you been Tsilent?  Why have ALL the Democrats been SILENT? How about our unguarded Mexican Border Niki?

Here is Tsilent Tsongas doing what she does best:

Photo-Op Tsongas

5 Responses to “Niki Tsongas Reads Rabid Republican”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Interesting to see that she, or most likely her staffers, actually read something other than their prescribed talking points. Rarely, if ever, does she respond to comments on her website. The silence with respect to Sargeant Tahmooressi from her, the President and most on the Democrat side is deafening when five Islamic Terrorist would be released to free a US traitor. She has much to answer for.

  2. MC

    Politicians today have much to answer for. With social media they can’t get away with all the BS they were used to passing off as “truths & half truths”. It is way past time for term limits, photo ids and rid ourselves of career politicians who are only there for the perks & to line their own pockets or that of family members who are lobbyists or contractors. Time to hold them accountable as the average citizen is. If we passed bad checks, lied under oath, defrauded the government, failed to pay our taxes and lied to our bosses and all the many other things that they get away with, I know where we would be.

    We won’t even mention Harry Reid, Zero’s right hand pocket!

  3. Casey Chapman

    Niki actually came down from her ivory tower long enough to read our blog? Will wonders never cease?

  4. Sherox

    The real problem is that her own supporters will never read anything nor believe anything nor care about anything she has done or not done.

  5. Kojack

    I hope we can finally send her packing in November.