Niki Tsongas: Lying Elitist Fraud

Posted September 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

America’s Third (3rd) Stupidest Congresswoman send her supporters an insulting email question, – and reveals how hollow and inept she is! Tsongas dishonest elitist fraud

Tsilent Tsongas has been a Pelosi Sock Puppet and Obama Cheerleader for seven (7) years. Elected solely on name identity with her dead husband – she’d failed to do her most basic homework.
She did take the paychecks though…

Understand: for 7 years she’s sat on the House Armed Services Committee. BUT this vocally anti-war left-over 60s hippie girl has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to understand our armed forces, – to understand our potential enemies, – or to study the art and science of warfare.

Instead, – she makes periodic public statements [photo-ops] about rape in the military and more comfortable body armor for women. While both may be important on the small stage, they are insignificant in the BIG PICTURE.

Pelosi Sock Puppet Tsilent Tsongas

Sitting on that important committee, and contributing only her ignorance and her indifference, – she has helped Obama weaken our military, – and endangered us and Western Civilization.

And she DOESN’T CARE! She JUST wants to be re-elected!

She’s had seven full years to study Russian, Chinese, and Iranian military buildups, – to learn about Islam and Islamic fascism, – to study the military and terrorism tactics of al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, and Ansar al-Sharia.

Today she should be a walking encyclopedia!  But she cannot tell you about these groups, – any more than she can discuss the difference between Sunni and Shia.

Tsongas E-Mail Question

For seven years – seven wasted years – she’s been content to vote as told by Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, – and collect the paychecks.

She has NEVER opposed any policy of Obama – N-E-V-E-R!

She’s NEVER expressed any concern about our exposed Southern Border. She worries about body armor.

She has been MUTE about Putin’s invasion of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

She has been M-U-T-E about Mexico holding Sergeant Tahmooressi. WHY?

ANSWER: No photo-op. Period. Niki is Congresswoman Photo-Op!

Do you really think she can even spell his name?

Why do you think people call her “Tsilent Tsongas”?

So now – suddenly – she thinks she should put her finger in the air and ask the military and terrorism experts of the 3rd Congressional District for advice on IF and HOW we should fight ISIS?



Your input would be a valuable resource for me going forward and I’d like to know what you think of the strategy the President proposed. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I will be monitoring the issue closely. Please take a minute to share your thoughts on the President’s plan and the U.S. response.

Note her in-your-face disrespect for Israel. By calling them ISIL – she is following the liberal anti-Israel culture of suggesting or implying that Israel is an illegitimate nation.

NOTE her flattery of the average voter – “Your input would be a valuable resource for me…”

Gee Niki, how about the RESOURCES I told you about 7 years ago:

Sun Tsu: The Art of War

Clausewitz: On War

She’s had SEVEN YEARS to read them!!! Think she even owns a copy – of either?

Which book does she most likely own?

HERE’S A HINT FOLKS: It is unlikely that Niki wrote or even approved her own email. She has been a Total Pelosi Toadie for every day of these past seven years. Pelosi staffers most likely composed this email. Pelosi is very pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel too.

Tsongas hasn’t represented the old 5th or the new 3rd Congressional Districts…she is San Francisco’s 2nd House Vote, in exactly the same way that Ed Markey represents Chevy Chase Maryland!

ANYBODY….point to a SINGLE private sector job Niki has helped create here?

ANYBODY….point to a SINGLE piece of legislation she authored?


She voted for ObamaCare, – for Dodd-Frank, – and for every raise of our national debt from under $7 Trillion to OVER $17 Trillion!!!

Yep – she’s voted to increase our debt by 143%And she got PAID for it!


It’s time to retire Tsongas. Let her go home to Charlestown and ~ maybe ~ make an honest man of Irish lobbyist Jim O’Brien…maybe!

On November 4th – vote for Ann Wofford! She will read the bills!

A LITTLE BACKGROUND:    In 2007 when Niki first took office and was assigned to Armed Services – I felt sorry for her.  I wrote her a letter [OK, a long letter] – guiding her to some important readings, – and to some key problem areas she should be AWARE OF and TRY TO FIX. [I used to teach this stuff…]

Never even got an acknowledgment – much less a TY…

In my several meetings with her over these past years she has shown arrogance [I think it’s a cover-up for nervousness],  elitism,  and disdain for even listening to military advice or conservative ideas.

I reluctantly concluded the Tsongas was not interested in threats or defense.

Rather, – like most Democrats, she sees our Military as JOBS, payoffs, and a captive lab for social tinkering.

When this email came – I called her Lowell and DC offices – told her minions she could call me ‘a free one’  [ i.e. I wouldn’t blog about it; – wouldn’t ever even mention it…] – and I’d give her the crash course so she could be effective. They did go on line and read yesterday’s blog….

But you guessed it… – when the phone didn’t ring – that was Niki calling to find out about strategy, tactics, and military flaws and limitations in Obama’s fake anti-ISIS air campaign.

She flat out doesn’t give a shit – because she flat out doesn’t KNOW shit!

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “Niki Tsongas: Lying Elitist Fraud”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    When the questionnaire hit my incoming email I responded with the definition of the Levant geographically which of course includes Israel, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan, but excludes Syria among other things. To date there has been no response, because for her or her staffers to even mention ISIS would be a breach of their moonbat protocol.

  2. Jim Buba

    The first thing I think of when her name is mentioned, is that she is not Greek.

    I then remember the only thing wrong with Paul was that he married an Irish girl to get elected.

    Then I remember him switching parties, because Plan-B didn’t work.

    Nowadays, I just shake my head and pray for salvation.

  3. Varvara

    Yes Mike, she took the paychecks and when she finally is gone she will have one big pension.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Two big reasons she remains in office:
    1.The longer she stays, the bigger the pension and healthcare benefits.

    2. She really enjoys the power and the cocktail parties.