Niki Tsongas Is Chatty Cathy

Posted September 11th, 2009 by Iron Mike

chatty-cathy1[1]Remember the early ’60s?  Elvis was King,  the White House was Camelot,  and little girls playing with their favorite high-tech toy – Chatty Cathy.  Teenage Niki Tsongas undoubtedly had one.

Chatty had a pull cord in her back.  When pulled she would ‘speak’ a series of pre-programmed phrases.  Today Niki Tsongas is Chatty Cathy.  During the August congressional recess Niki held a series of “town halls”, where she showed up clutching her MoveOn talking points and dutifully regurgitated the Obama Party Line.

This was no surprise to those who watched her inept and pathetic “town hall” last year in Acton after her junket to Afghanistan and Iraq.  Even after that trip [we paid for it] she was unable to tell one country map from the other.  In Afghanistan she’d been more focused on gold carpet tacks in Karzai’s office than with the conduct of our campaign to find UBL or subdue the Taliban.  In Iraq she stayed in the Green Zone, getting her picture taken with General Petraeus.  I forced her to admit she’d never talked to an Iraqi or to an American combat troop.  It was strictly a programmed junket, – she went and returned pre-convinced that we should tuck tail and run.  Thinking like a grandma, her words were “our troops deserved a safe passage home”.   I told her they deserved a chance to finish that fight and win a victory!   The surge quickly settled that issue.

TsongasNiki doesn’t learn by her embarrassments or her blunders.  This year she’s full-out helping MoveOn sell Obama’s socialized medicine snake oil.  Although she claims to be an attorney, she hasn’t done her due diligence.  She hadn’t read the complete bills – so she couldn’t speak with certainty about what is in them.  Her hand shook as she clutched her MoveOn talking points.  It was like watching Chatty Cathy say the same phrases over and over.

The Dems ran Niki because they wanted to trade on her dead husband’s name.  It worked.  Let’s face it,  Mass Dems vote without thinking, generation upon generation.  Some even brag that they like paying taxes.

Niki fits that mold. Hardly a stellar intellect,  by her very nature she is a pretty committed and obedient little socialist.  She’s done nothing noteworthy or commendable in Congress, – she just goes through the motions, does what she’s told, and is the perfect lapdog for Queen Nancy Pelosi.  Like Pelosi, she seems to find voters annoying.  She lacks a sense about money, – either government trillions, or working people’s paychecks.

SamMeas[1]The Mass 5th and our entire Nation deserves better, brighter, more insightful lawmakers.  Thankfully in Haverhill a most worthy young man – Sam Meas – has announced his campaign to unseat her in 2010.   Sam has quite the life story and I urge you to support him.


Let’s pull Niki’s string and make her say “Bye-bye!”

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. ironmike

    Thank you for contacting my office. I receive hundreds of letters and emails a week and hearing from constituents like you helps to shape the work I am doing in Washington. This note serves as an acknowledgement that I have received your email and I look forward to responding in more detail.

    bla-bla-bla, etc, etc, etc . . .

    Niki Tsongas
    Member of Congress
    – – – –
    I wonder how many of these I’ll collect before we vote her OUT!