Niki Tsongas’ Forlorn Quest…

Posted May 3rd, 2012 by Iron Mike

   …for ANYthing ‘relevant’ to campaign on.

Again we have compelling evidence why Niki Tsongas is widely considered America’s 3rd Stupidest Congresswoman!

With America suffering under the disruption and chaos caused by her Marxist Idol’s fourth year in power, and jobs departing Massachusetts EVERY DAY,  Niki goes down by the riverside for a photo-op and a ‘campaign issue’.

This lifetime socialist could not be further removed from the reality the voters in the new 3rd CD endure every day.

Per the article now running in the Lowell Sun [her favorite cheerleader] Niki wants to push a bill through Congress to declare the Nashua River Watershed a ‘Wild and Scenic’ area.  Many of you will recognize the ploy as part of UN Agenda 21.

OK, the local folks have done Herculean work over the past 40 years cleaning up the once toxic Nashua River. That’s all well and good.

Their efforts were largely aided by the fact that the industries were departing the state in ever-larger numbers; driven out by the tax-regulate-borrow-and-spend idiots on Beacon Hill – and on Capitol Hill.

Today America and Massachusetts is locked in the double vice of Deval Patrick and Komrad Obamaboth hell-bent on destroying what little industry we have left.


Congress has gone over 1000 days without passing a budget. Tell us Niki,what have you done to support Paul Ryan?

Our racist and rogue Attorney General Eric Holder is running amok – running guns into Mexico, covering up the death of Brian Terry, suing sovereign states over their immigration laws, and ignoring the overt threats of the New Black Panthers. Niki, what do you say about this?

Obama has farmed out our 2012 vote count to a SPANISH COMPANY – owned by GEORGE SOROS. What does Niki say about this?

Just two generations ago the Nashua River Watershed was populated by prosperous and growing middle-class working families. They worked in factories and mills – which have now been idle and empty for decades. WHAT does Niki say about this?

Niki – a ‘federal designation’ and a few signs will NOT restore our state to economic prosperity! This is NOT the burning issue you were elected to deal with!  The damned signs will cost more than they’re worth!

Do you represent the PEOPLEor the waterway?

Do you have even a CLUE about how people live here?  WHERE is your HEAD Niki?

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Niki’s phone numbers:

Washington DC    202 225-3411
Lowell, MA           978 459-0101
Acton, MA            978 263-1951

One Response to “Niki Tsongas’ Forlorn Quest…”

  1. Jim Buba

    Wild and Scenic for the Nashua River and a Slot Parlor in the University City of Lowell.

    Maybe they will let human beings have access to the water via the Squanticook River that they may witness the ‘Wild and Scenic’ before they pull up and dabble what sense they have left in the slot parlors of Lowell.

    On the bright side, there will be ample police protection and several hundred choices of ambulance service, one of which will win the toss to take them to Lowell General where close-circuit TV will channel in the Lowell Spinners playing the Mudhens.

    It will be a wonderful canoe trip, just don’t pack that lunch. It might be fattening.