Niki Tsongas Booed In Westford

Posted October 20th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Another debate – and Niki gets booed again!

Pat McCarthy

Tonight’s event was at Nashoba Tech in Westford.  Nice place and they had their political science kids attend the debate to see for themselves.

First thing I noticed was a goodly contingent of union construction workers holding Tsongas signs by the roadside. They were being carefully monitored by several stewards armed with clipboards who  were collecting names. These guys were being paid $30.oo / for an hour to make her look popular.

Promptly at 6:30 they departed in a group. The sun had set.  After that there were only Golnik sign holders along the road. Pretty cheap of Niki – who has $1 Million at her disposal.  I’ll tell you about Pat later.

Team Niki had attempted to pack the hall with supporters, and they were easy to spot. Mostly middle aged and soft – educators, social workers, and government employees. Didn’t see a single construction worker in the group. The MoonBats all stood and cheered when she came in.

I guess the Methuen event had frightened the sponsors. We got stern warnings about holding applause and “no outbursts“.  The MoonBats seemed happy with these orders, but then MoonBats are used to being told what to do by higher authority.

Moderator John Moak seemed fixated on health care, social security, and the economy. Some of his questions were tough enough that Niki was challenged.  So you know what she did?  She regurgitated the MoveON talking points and kept telling us how proud she is of her votes. Folks, there’s no saving her, – she REALLY doesn’t “get it”!

By the third round of questions on health care she got her first loud “Booo!” from the crowd.  And we were scolded. Then the subject turned to Social Security. She desperately wants to brand Golnik with “privatizing Social Security and ruining the system“.  That didn’t play well, and soon she was getting another round of Booos. We got scolded again.

Finally the subjects moved to the economy, and in a clear moment of fluster and bluster, she repeated the line that ‘Obama had inherited a big mess from Bush‘.  The Boos erupted immediately and unabashedly.  We got our third scolding.

At this point I believe that Moderator Moak decided to cut things slightly short – maybe to fit into the TV schedule. There was a brief exchange of views on immigration, wherein Tsongas essentially wants extended stays, no enforcement, and eventual amnesty. She drew murmurs on that one, not ~ quite ~ rising to the volume of a boo.

When it was over her covey of MoonBats stood and applauded, – except for a group near me who seemed to have fidgeted for most of the event, and seemed glad it was over. They each have an RRB business card, I hope they’ll click in and leave their thoughts and impressions.

So how did Jon Golnik do?  Really good.  He is calm on stage now, not at all impressed or intimidated by Niki, and has a much better grasp of the issues than she does.  This is a credit to his ability to learn and improve, and to the crew who have been working to up his spiff.  Despite the crowd having been scolded three times, Jon got a goodly round of applause half-way through the event. Even some of the MoonBats were cheering him.

Conclusion?  Niki is beyond ripe – ready for retirement. It will be a kindness to her.  Jon is ready to go to Washington.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

OK, about Pat McCarthy and his sign.  Pat is from Lowell, and claims to be a 40+ year Democrat.  We’ve met at opposing standouts.  Pat reads RRB, and is well aware of my anger at Golnik’s lack of voting, the DUI, and his lack of candor.  In Methuen Monday evening he was amazed to see me there.

Pat doesn’t understand that despite my anger at Golnik’s past failings, they hardly rise to my level of anger at Niki for violating her OATH of office.  You Republicans know – that pesky oath Congressmen/women take to “…uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States . . .

Pat's Sign. Photo:TG TY

So Pat spent today making a sign – maybe to rattle me?  Pat, thank you for your time and passion.  Now read a few more entries on RRB and try to understand that you are poor because for those past 40+ years you’ve been religiously voting “Democrat”, and they’ve been going down to Beacon Hill and Capital Hill – and screwing your eyeballs out!

Come’ on Pat, you can do it, – you can think your way through this mess.  40 years Pat.  It ain’t working.  Your friends aren’t working.  And you’re going to vote for yet another D who will chase more jobs off shore?  

We need to reach the brains of the Pats of the 5th District.  We have 11 days!

UPDATE:  Sadly, this was Pat’s last election campaign.  He died a Democrat on/about Wednesday, 8 December 2010.  He was younger than I’d guessed – he was only 52.  His last political acts were campaign mischief on behalf of his beloved Niki Tsongas.  You think she’ll send flowers? 

Pat’s death is a warning to other Democrats:  Think before you campaign and before you vote!  As nice a guy as Pat was – you want to leave your kids a better legacy than a government full of Democrats!

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  1. Perplexed Senior

    I love it, you captured it all – the union goons, the moonbats, the SIEU loyalists, but no attribution to the on site photographer. Isn’t photoshop wonderful? Niki is toast when she continues to use the same Move-on talking points that received negative reaction (aka BOOS) in Methuen over and over again. When the orders from Axelrod, Pelosi and the funding ghuru, George Soros, trump reality the puppet strings are straining from over manipulation. Niki, update your resume!
    Sir! Your photo credit appears in the caption – TY Again! Iron Mike