Niki refuses to answer!

Posted June 23rd, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

Some weeks ago I sent a formal letter to Niki’s office with a FOIA form requesting (formally) information about who called her about the Health Care bill that she voted for against the wishes of her constituents. I was looking for a simple report based on the call logs that all elected officials keep to register calls about issues the voter considers important.

FOIA requests have a specific timeline (21 days) for compliance. The deadline had long since passed when I got an email from Niki’s office telling me that she is not subject to FOIA requests. Now, she had two choices…
1. Honor my request anyway… after all, I’m a constituent and it was a reasonable request.
2. Hide behind the law and stonewall my request. In the spirit of non-transparency.

Which do you think she chose? How many guessed #2? You are correct! In spite of what her constituents want to know, she feels she knows best. One wonders what the call counts were in favor of? 100:1 against the health care bill? 200:1? More? We can’t know since she feels that she knows better.

Well, come November, we can show her who REALLY knows better. The voters in her district have opinions, desires, even real feelings about the things she does on our behalf.

Oh, there’s one other thing we have. The power of the vote. And in just a few months we’ll exercise that power and vote her out. Then she can leave the district and return to her real home. Good riddance!

One Response to “Niki refuses to answer!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I confronted Niki, one on one, at the Dracut library and asked her a similar question. She danced around the question saying that she was not aware of the number of calls that her offices had received and immediately tried to launch into the Dem talking points. She has no depth and is out of her element if she cannot control the discourse. I believe that in a debate format she is very vulnerable and will quickly show that she is an empty pant suit.