Niki Congratulates Ann on Her Future Victory

Posted September 2nd, 2014 by Jim Ettwein

IMG_0105_2_2Yes, folks, you read and saw it here first. Niki Tsongas, continuing to leverage her husband’s name for her own self-aggrandizement, came over to Ann Wofford at yesterday’s parade to shake her hand. While we aren’t privy to what was actually said, the word on the street is that she congratulated Ann for what looks to be a stunning victory in November.




Ann walked the curbstone, shaking hands enthusiastically with all she met…

Niki gave everyone the “Royal Wave” and chose to not have close interaction with her minions…














…all in all, Ann carried the day nicely. Niki, not so much. In fact the Dems were seemingly out of touch with most along the way. They traveled in gas guzzling monster cars and trucks…

4 Responses to “Niki Congratulates Ann on Her Future Victory”

  1. Iron Mike

    Wow Jim, I’m shocked! Niki showed up without her usual goons? No JamieBoy Eldridge, no gun-grabbing Harold Naughton, no SEIU Purple Shirts?

    Maybe she IS tired and just wants to take the retirement money back to Charlestown…?

  2. Ralphyboy

    Well, it was a great day, despite the heat. Ann managed to work the crowd on both sides of the street, literally running to greet potential voters. Many of the parade observes were excited to see her enthusiasm as she traveled along the 1.8 mile stretch. Even her two young daughters were participating.

    I think a comment was made by current Congresswoman Tsongas asking Ann if these were her relatives walking the parade along with her. Ann said not all, mostly volunteers. Ann outnumbered her opponent in the volunteer category as well.

    It looked like a similar group of folks who supported (or should I say, lack thereof) Nikki Tsongas when she made her debut at a Meet and Greet in Marlborough after the redistricting took place. We had as many opposing folks at this M and G than she had as supporters(if you don’t count the two police officers, the custodian and her two aides).

    Marlborough is a city of approx. 38,000 people with ~18,000 registered voters. 11-12% are estimated to be Republican. Majority 50% independent. Rest DemoRats.

    If voters get out and vote long term incumbents out, we win.

    Good job for Ann Wofford, a true conservative running female against female. Don’t you all love it?

    Now viewers, get the heck out on Nov. 9th and VOTE!

  3. Jim Ettwein

    It’s been said, but many thanks to all who showed up in the heat and humidity… it was a very hot walk. Ann didn’t let that slow down her momentum and drive. She was relentless in trying to greet everyone she could.

    I particularly remember meeting one young woman, ok, girl. She was about 14 and came up to me to ask which one was Ann. I pointed Ann out to her and she seemed thrilled that a woman was running… and when I asked her if she was a Republican, she said, “YES!”. So I told her I’d get Ann to stop by and shake her hand. She was thrilled and began jumping up and down. I called Ann over and she shook the girl’s hand just as a local press photog showed up to snap the pic. I hope it appears in the local newspaper… it was a strong moment.

  4. mike grammont

    I was there too! I marched for Ann Woffard and got a lot of photos too! Ann did a great job meeting people and was very well received. Her little daughters worked hard passing out American flags and candy!

    It was a pleasure to meet my fellow supporters. Once again I met many people who are very concerned about our country.

    God bless you all and keep up the good work!