Niki’s MoonBat Séance

Posted September 8th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Niki held office hours today – so that the little people could come and talk to her.  I was there to protest the new Obama plan to spend another $50 Billion to buy union votes in time for the November election. These days Niki and her staff are never glad to see me.

The first thing I noticed is that the flag is gone.  Not just the flag – the flagpole too. 

It seems that Democrats – you know – those folks who have government solutions for all problems – couldn’t find a flagpole and a flag to match – so that the flag wouldn’t drag on the shingled roof – and fray to bits.  Solution?  Get rid of the flagpole!  No flag flies above Niki’s Acton office.  Well, at least Obama will be comfortable if he visits.

A handful of members from the Acton RTC came – with various problems and suggestions.  Niki decided to listen to them as a group.  She was in no mood to listen, she pooh-poohed every item.  Seems she’s been studying her MoveON talking points,  even claiming that without the Stimulus there would be 16 million unemployed.  I ~ think ~ she believes it.  

She also claimed that the Arizona Sheriffs Association is against the Arizona Immigration Law, and that employers shouldn’t be required to use E-Verify because sometimes it makes a mistake.  Hmmmm.  I think I smell an Obama amnesty bill in the works.

Then in just 15 minutes her bodyguard ushered them all out – into an empty lobby.  There was nobody else waiting for a turn.

There was a steady stream of ladies going to the Woman’s Club – a few doors down the street.  Nobody I spoke to had any interest in going in to talk with Niki.  Only two or three more folks came by before noon.

But out on the sidewalk I had company.  Suddenly there was the Incredible Hulk – Calvin Akers from the Golnik camp to videotape me on his cell phone.  Seems Cal’s assignment was to goad me into saying something that could be used against Sam.   Cal was bragging that he used to work for Sam – but is now comfortable working for Golkin “a great guy”.  Cal doesn’t see any problems with habitual lying, blaming others, DUI, or not registering to vote in Carlisle and Belmont.  I guess you are known by the company you keep.

I’m sure his video – well edited – will be on the net soon on some pro-Golnik/anti-Sam site.  They may not want to use it – because it will show that my sign and I were getting a lot of thumbs-up and waves from passing voters. 

Why weren’t the Golnik folks there to protest Tsongas too?  Too busy trying to dig up dirt on Sam and knocking down campaign signs?  And where were Niki’s faithful flock of worshiping MoonBats?  Too discouraged by 10% unemployment?  Staying home to save gas?

Now here is the best news:   While I could not possibly have seen every back bumper which passed me in that 135 minutes,  I did not see a single Obama sticker – not a single one.  Not even on Niki’s jeep!  She was driven away with a snarl on her face and a very worried look.

   Bye-bye Niki!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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