Nigel Farage Speaks To The 2017 YAF

Posted August 5th, 2017 by Iron Mike

You won’t hear about THIS speech on the media!   “The biggest enemy are those within our ranks – those who masquerade as conservatives.”

Even when you think you’ve won,   you have to go on fighting!”  53 minute video well worth your time!

There is an interesting moment at the 39-minute mark where in answering a student’s question about the future of UKIP he suggests that – like the US – there could be serious trouble if the BREXIT vote is sabotaged.

We hear the same thing here from folks worried about what ordinary Americans might do if Trump is somehow sabotaged.

Take the time to listen, Farage talks about events and changes in Europe that our media totally ignores – because they’re busy wetting their pants over Trump!

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