Nigel Farage Is Back With A Vengeance

Posted May 12th, 2019 by Iron Mike

35 months ago [June 2016] the Brits ~ thought ~ they’d voted to EXIT the European Union,…but the Globalists did their best to delay and derail the will of the voters.

Theresa May did a great stealth job of sabotaging BREXIT; now Nigel has returned to British Politics – and launched the Brexit Party. video:

Three years ago England – and her big cities in particular – were being overrun by hostile Muslims….and the folks were sick of the EU telling England to accept more…. They voted for BREXIT!

BUT, – in these past three years it didn’t happen,  and things have been getting worse. 

Farage is back, and he just started a new party, and the polls this past week show he ~ just might ~ become the next prime Minister….

Remember that England has always had a King (Queen) – and ordinary citizens are forbidden to own guns, – i.e. they are defenseless in their homes, at work, or on the street.

Few of their past Prime Ministers have really been champions of personal freedom; – only Winston Churchill comes to mind.   Farage is to England what Donald Trump is to America,  – a radical change in approach which the entrenched creatures cannot understand – and thus they hate him.

Americans should watch this play out,  and make sure your kids understand what’s at stake.

The worst part:  the political class in England doesn’t want to do ANYTHING that would “offend their Muslims” – because they are afraid of them!

This is what happens to any nation which fails to control immigration, – and which fails to insist that newcomers assimilate.

Do you see some of that happening in our country?

Is your local school district considering changing school holidays?  Do Muslims get to pray in school – while Christians cannot…?

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