NFAC Terrorizes Lafayette Louisiana

Posted October 4th, 2020 by Iron Mike

A stupid (and possibly drugged) career criminal gets himself needlessly killed in August,  and six weeks later the NFAC attempts to turn his legacy into martyrdom?

Their message seems to be “Leave Black Criminals Alone!”

Yesterday, – Sat 3 October,  the NFAC came to town – 400 strong,  in their black uniforms and carrying their ARs. 

They seem to feel that Mister Pellerin was a “VICTIM” of White Police Racism….

To the militant leader and followers of NFAC,  the details of Mister Pellerin’s short troubled life and needless death are immaterial.

They need Black Martyrs.

Pellerin is just as handy as Trayvon Martin,  Eric Garner,  Freddie Gray,  Michael Brown,  George Floyd, – or Jacob Blake.

Black poverty pimps and Black anti-white revolutionary groups like NFAC will have a near-endless supply of ‘martyrs’,   – – because it seems we have a near-endless supply of young Black men with criminal records,  drug addictions,  and a wanton disregard for either the police – – or their own survival.

Somehow those eight long years of the Obama Administration did nothing to improve the lives or the hopes of young American Blacks.

What an utter waste!  

One Response to “NFAC Terrorizes Lafayette Louisiana”

  1. Kojack

    Perhaps Numbskulls For American Communism should lead by example and make martyrs of themselves.