NFAC Gunmen Wilting In The Sunshine

Posted July 25th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Kentucky can be DAMNED HOT in July!

There is shade just ½ block away,  but the organizers failed to recon or plan. 

You would have thought they’d have brought a band…or at last drums…

Three members already shot “by accident” while forming up at Central High.  They may HAVE guns,  – but are totally untrained in how to handle them.

So they get credit for a show of force,  – but lose points due to poor weapons discipline and their leader’s failure to plan the event.   Watching the live feed,  RRB expects to see heat casualties before long.

3 Responses to “NFAC Gunmen Wilting In The Sunshine”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Let’s see…. Fifty-six years and $25 Trillion in Great Society and social program spending, and this is what we tax payers got.

  2. Kojack

    From the looks of it, one well-placed Claymore would be all that it would take or if need be, a couple of pressure -cooker bombs. Where are the Tsarnaevs when you need them?!?!?

  3. Sherox

    Of course, those weapons carried by the NFAC are all legally obtained, with proper background checks, licenses, and safety training. Otherwise the LSM would be all over shouting about the need for gun control…just like they have for all of these Antifa and BLM riots, et, peaceful protests.