Next Time Maybe Just Shut Up Ed Bastian?

Posted April 1st, 2021 by Iron Mike

Ed got himself a dose of ‘WOKE’ – and just needed to speak out, – without bothering to check on the facts – or to even read the bill.  Why?

Delta is the single largest employer in the Atlanta area – 35,000 employees in the metro area.   Most are Black,  – so he wanted to show solidarity.

But as a mega-rich CEO,  Ed lives in a world few of us know. 

So he doesn’t understand that while most Democrats become incensed at the mention of a STOLEN ELECTION,  – most Conservatives and Republicans are certain there was no legitimate or legal way Biden could have ever won.

The many times it has since been proven that Dominion voting machines can be hacked by remote control has kept the anger seething.   

Now Georgia, – which saw a questionable election of 2 US senators in January,  has become a national leader in reforming lax voting laws.  Failure to do so would have led to utter anarchy come 2024.

Ed should have stuck to something he knows about – running an airline.   By poking his finger into the eyes of the legislators who just passed the bill,  – he may have just put Delta shareholders in the crosshairs.

Between the higher taxes Biden is promising to levy against giant corporations,  – and against millionaires,  – AND the likelihood that Georgia will start taxing Delta more per gallon for jet fuel….

.Ed Bastian may wish the election of 2020 had turned out differently,…and that in 2021…he’d kept his mouth shut!

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