Newt’s Audition Tape In Ohio

Posted July 7th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Trump seems to be conducting his VP search a little like his Apprentice TV show – giving a number of potential VPs a chance for face time,  and for him to see how they handle themselves as a team member. Yesterday in Cincinnati Newt was up at bat.
Newt in Cincinnati
There are at least a dozen worthy Republicans who would each make a great VP,  – and who if necessary could step in and be a highly effective President.  The Democrats have no such ready bullpen….

On a personal note,  – I’ve followed Newt’s career since the late 1970s,  when I was living in Georgia. 

I like and respect the man – period!

Oh,   he has his detractors, and a hard core of Newt-haters,  – mostly RiNOs, über-libturds, and some government employees who fear he might someday shut down the government again….

But for all their negativity about the Shutdowns of ’95-’96,  one fact should stick with you:

Newt led reform Republicans determined to demonstrate that Congress was meant to be a co-equal branch of government,  – and that spending bills by law must begin in the House.

He managed to stop Bill Clinton in his tracks!

It’s been a full 20 years since Republicans in either the House or the Senate showed that much fortitude. Mostly since they’ve caved into the special interests and to political blackmail.

If you weren’t around then, – or not paying attention,…the two shutdowns – 5 days and 21 days over Christmas caused the Democrats and the Media to have a cow! You would have ~ thought ~ that Newt burned Washington to the ground….

BTW, by late 1995 our total National Debt was just $4.9 Trillion.

Today it’s $20 Trillion.

Should Trump pick Newt,  – we’d get a back-up president who understands History,  Economics,  Foreign Policy,  the military,  and the workings of government at significant depth. 

He can think on his feet,  and always speaks with a sense of humor.

And FYI,  that Ohio senate race Newt talks about is former 1-term governor Ted Strickland a progressive weenie,  – is challenging Republican Rob Portman for re-election.

Strickland v Portman

Ohio had been devastated by the movement of manufacturing – first to the South,  then to Mexico,  and on to China.

All the things that Democrats have always traditionally HATED about big business and manufacturing have been pushed into policy in Ohio,  and then failed massively,  – leaving the economy threadbare and former working families living on welfare.

2 Responses to “Newt’s Audition Tape In Ohio”

  1. Panther 6

    Mike; Agree 101%, Newt is a good man and knows the inner workings of D.C that The Donald does not. BUT, as you say there are a number of good VP candidates. Let’s just hope Mr. Trump picks someone who can out talk, out wit and humble any demorat candidate.

  2. #blackgunsmatter

    Excellent article, Iron Mike.

    Newt would be a great choice and I’m actually glad that Trump is giving his potential VP picks a shot at the podium. Trump needs to step up his game and stop going off on tangents when he speaks. He needs to stay on message and lay into Crooked Hillary like no other.

    As for the FBI decision…I’m disgusted at our officials for not indicting her. SHE BROKE THE DAMN LAW!

    Finally, folks have to stop being closet Trump supporters in this state. I have a 3×5′ Trump sign in my yard and I’m proud of it!