Newton Wants To Be A Sanctuary City?

Posted February 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Chad Michael Kirby – 36 – of Quincy,  stabbed a man in the head.

4 Responses to “Newton Wants To Be A Sanctuary City?”

  1. Vic

    That’s the oldest looking 36 year old I think I’ve ever seen. How many gallons of ripple do you have to drink every day to get like that?

  2. Sherox

    Is he an illegal?

  3. JGreene

    You’re an absolute moron lmao


    We’re so glad you’re reading RRB. Next time use your real email or you’ll be spammed.

  4. Grady

    Guy may live in Quincy now, but born and raised in Newton. No connection to anything related to sanctuary cities.


    Not related to “Sanctuary City”? Get ahold of reality and of yourself. Once you liberals start making it easy for illegals to live there, – all manner of crazies show up.

    It’s been REAL COLD these past weeks. Chad probably wanted a nice warm jail cell and 3 hot meals per day – and some medical attention. And some companionship…

    You leave your front door wide open,….this is what you get!