Newt Gingrich vs Megyn Kelly: Bitch-slap!

Posted October 27th, 2016 by Iron Mike

I’ve been a fan of Newt since I lived in Georgia (before my terrible blunder of moving north).  There are damn few men who think as fast on their feet,  – or have his command of the facts and the English Language.
So when Trump-hating / Hillary supporter Megyn Kelly was carelessly flinging inflammatory words around,  Newt stopped her cold,  – and bitch-slapped her.  Priceless!


This antagonism has been building since Kelly went after Trump back in the August 2015 Republican debate. She’s never let up on her story line that Trump is ‘inappropriate toward women’, – and has recently escalated her attack to ‘sexual predator’.

I’ve long thought Kelly was a self-aggrandizing liberal – who ruthlessly uses sexuality to advance herself – often at the expense of truth and fairness.

So of course I am delighted to post Newt’s slap-down!

And of course he is 100% correct – Megyn is obsessed with sex.  

Have you seen her 2010 interview with Howard Stern?   Icky!


CAUTION FOLKS:  I wasn’t kidding – this 4 min video gets icky

After watching THAT, – is Megyn Kelly’s ‘outrage’ at Donald Trump real,  – or just in furtherance of Hillary Clinton…?


As Megyn is revealed to be a left-leaning Hillary cheerleader,  – using sexuality to advance her career,….just how much can we trust her to report fairly.

Are we watching the infiltration and eventual downfall of Fox?


Newt: “You are fascinated with sex!”


3 Responses to “Newt Gingrich vs Megyn Kelly: Bitch-slap!”

  1. FLICK

    Democrat=Liberal=HYPOCRITE. Synonyms.

    I once thought she was objective and a forceful intelligent reporter among the MSM. Now she’s just another talking head self-promoting slut mouthpiece.

    Fire her from FOX and put her on MSNBC where she belongs.

  2. MC

    Most of fox news commentators have shifted left. I used to be an avid watcher, not anymore and after watching that video it reaffirms my choice.

  3. Mt Woman

    Both videos made me very uncomfortable. Newt was spot on in his assessment of reporting equality. Unfortunately reality of life, “sex sells”, white-collar corruption gets lost in translation. The viewers are fast asleep before the 15 seconds is over.

    The video of Megyn and Stern is just ugly. My question is why one would voluntarily go on his show makes me question their news cred vs desire to be an on-air celeb.