News SO GOOD Democrats Will WEEP!

Posted July 27th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Despite all the distractions about RussiaMueller,  porn stars, and crooked New York lawyers….our ECONOMY keeps cranking along.

Amazing!  These two are doing EXACTLY what they promised!  How cool is that?  Now how will the evil media try spinning it?

2 Responses to “News SO GOOD Democrats Will WEEP!”

  1. Walter Knight

    The Left will say that the great economy is the result of Obama policies. If that doesn’t work, they will say that the economy is not-so-great. Obama purposely held back the economy as part of his agenda to redistribute the wealth.

    His public excuse for over-regulation and taxes to hold back growth was that if the economy grew more that two percent, it would create a bubble that would pop and crash the economy. It was all a lie to steal as much as possible.


    I think it was something more than that Walter; – I think he holds a deep grudge against white people, and against people who start successful business, and who know how to work and make money – something he never mastered.

  2. Kojack

    DEMOCRAPS are saying that this economy is just a “blip” and we should not believe our lying eyes and ears.