News Media Pap Making You Sick?

Posted July 20th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hi Americans,

I know why I’m in pain today – a gifted surgeon cut my chest open and attached three by-passes to my heart.  My heart is already better, – my chest will take weeks to heal, and meanwhile it hurts like hell!

But the crap which is passing for “news” these days is making me absolutely nauseous!  Americans should cancel their newspaper subscriptions en masse, and then maybe their cable TV subscriptions. 

After nearly 50 years of a “Space Program” – a $19 Million toilet breaks down under the load of thirteen users. 

Michael Jackson was memorialized – even deified – by the same throngs of reporters who were recently assuring us that as a serial pedophile he would require a “special place” to imprison him once the jury came in. 

Walter Cronkite is being deified today – “an American Icon” and “the Most Trusted Man on TV”.  He was both, but he was also the left-leaning TV anchor in the fledgling days of American Nightly TV News who abused his new-found power and sold out the South Vietnamese people, together with all of Southeast Asia, plus his trusting American audience – to his own warped version of “we can’t win”.   He is as much an Icon of Betrayed Trust as is Bernie Madoff. 

In the short history of Mass Media,  clever people have come to understand a sick phenomena about American TV audiences, – they want Idols and Icons, – they don’t care much about fact checking, and so long as they’re “glamorous”,  a little tarnish is of no matter. 

Thus Elvis – a drug addicted recluse who died of a massive overdose is an American Icon, 

Michael Jackson, a drug addicted serial pedophile who died of ?[a massive overdose] is a Pop Idol,

Walter Cronkite who sold out his honor, Journalism, and the American and South Vietnamese peoples is a Media Icon,

America’s Kenyan-born pResident Obama is of course an Idol.  He is pResident for that very reason, and he can do no wrong even as he spirals the most powerful, generous, and decent nation on the face of the earth into ruin, bankruptcy, and despair.  He and his friends are busy selling the Snake Oil of the Day – “Free Medical”. 

Congress is about to name “Free Medical Care” after Ted Kennedy “The Lion [Idol] of the Senate” just forty years after he drowned his pregnant girlfriend in a salt-water swamp off the Dyke Bridge.  Ted is definitely an Idol,  because in Massachusetts, anything named Kennedy is sacred.  And it will be precisely the Idol Gambit that Obama will use to push those last few reluctant thinking senators over the edge,  like lemmings.  None will have read the laws they are voting on.  Why bother?  They’re named for an Idol!

And how fixated is the press today with the fate of Idol judge Paula Abdul, – rather than upon the fate of our Nation?  Today the press is reminding you about 40 years since the moon landings.  No mention of Chappaquiddick.  And you trust the heirs of Walter Cronkite?

So from the same inept and corrupt government that can’t deliver mail for a slight profit, or flush a toilet in space – you’re going to get “Free Medical”, – and somehow you’ll be happy because it’s named after an Idol?  Is your brain idol? 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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