New York City – You Are Doomed

Posted January 1st, 2014 by Iron Mike

Impeached Sex Pervert and Liar swears in Horse Killer de Blasio
NYC Doomed
Of course Bill got a speaking part – but Pastor Fred Lucas Jr. provided the real insight to the City’s future – and it is pathetic.

Clinton was setting his murderous wife up to run as a certified wealth re-distributor, – but we expected nothing less.
 Bill Clinton speaks at DeBlasio swearing in
Pastor Fred Lucas Jr. showed us how too many Black Americans view politics and government.  He acknowledged in his talk that NY City Blacks are living on a “Plantation”

Ignoring who PUT THEM THERE – he expects ?ber-liberal de Blasio to liberate them.  It’s as if he’s beseeching yet another false messiah…

Ya gotta admit, – the Progressives have done a very thorough job of brainwashing four (4) generations of American Blacks to see themselves as nothing more than wards of the Democratic Party.

Lucas is clueless.  His speaking role today is all the payback he’ll get from this new Progressive mayor.  De Blasio believes in the plantation system – it got him elected!  

Instead of improving economic opportunity for Blacks, – or fixing their union-run schools,  he’ll focus on his election promise – to rid NYC streets of horse-drawn carriages,…because horse-drawn carriages are ‘cruel to horses’….

3 Responses to “New York City – You Are Doomed”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    It will be interesting to see how the crime rate raises or falls with this new Marxist progressive administration. How will the hotels and the tourism industry view the end of the hose and buggy rides or is their a union involved. If street crimes increase and with the relaxing of laws it is likely, the tourists and the conventions will think twice about going to the Big Apple or maybe we should rename it Moscow on the Hudson.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Detroit on the Hudson, more like. I wonder how many months it will be, before NYC asks for another bailout from DC. I seem to recall their doing so a few decades ago. Of course, that was before we got the current resident of the White House, who supposedly hates Wall Street.

  3. Jim

    The Squeegee men will be coming out of retirement!

    A lot of people (voters) obviously forget how bad NYC was before Giulianni cleaned it up. Bloomberg basically held the status quo that Giulianni established. de Blasio will take it down again.

    de Blasio was in the Dinkins administration and I’ve read his laments of having moved away from the Progressive agenda since then.