New York City: To Pity – Or To Mock?

Posted July 20th, 2017 by Iron Mike

New York City is in the midst of a ~ minor ~ heat wave,  – but even that is causing massive breakdowns with the city’s subway system.

This is an every-summer problem – but since taking office in 2014, 
Mayor Bill de Blasio has focused his attention on coddling illegals and handcuffing his police force.   He even flew to Hamburg two weeks ago to protest the G-20 meeting.

As a lifelong communist, de Blasio is pretty sure he can run a city with imperial edicts and photo-ops,….along with the occasional bombastic statement.

He sees the city unions as his natural allies and guaranteed voting bloc,  – so when subway employees start using sick days and personal days to avoid working in the sweltering summer heat,  – he takes no action. They know it’s a freebie….

It was just over two years ago when he stood with Chuckie-Boy Schumer to DEMAND more federal spending to fix HIS TRAIN SET.

At RRB we have to ask,….why doesn’t he have his hordes of illegals and his army of EBT Cardholders down there scrubbing station platforms,  painting walls,  and cleaning the graffiti off the cars?


Enjoy your commute New Yorkers;  – you voted for the commie!

Live with the consequences!

2 Responses to “New York City: To Pity – Or To Mock?”

  1. Walter Knight

    Mayor de Blasio and his family riding the subway? Ha! That’s a good one. I suppose his next photo-op will be de Blasio rolling the windows down on his air conditioned limousine to make like one of the people.

  2. Varvara


    They are wearing winter coats. They are not in the summer heat wave. And…. I don’t see the security detail. I don’t think security would allow the DeB family to be with all those sweating human cargo and pickpockets.
    The de Blasio family excursion was some time back – not in July 2017.

    His trip to Hamburg to join the G-20 protest was 2 weeks ago. As for security – did you notice how empty this car looks…?