New Lipstick On That Old Donkey?

Posted December 23rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

Who you gonna believe? 
Posted at 2:00 PM ET, 12/22/2010
Steven Spielberg advising Nancy Pelosi on re-branding Democrats
By Rachel Weiner

Or:  Marvin Levy “. . . as a long-time spokesman for Steven that he has made it his career to direct actors, not political figures.”

Let’s think about this; Nancy Pelosi is worth between $25 Mil – $92 Mil.  Movie director Steven Spielberg has a cool $3 Billion.

And these two ‘down-to-earth average Americans’ are going to re-brand Democrats to appeal to us ‘common folk’?   Spielberg and his actress wife Kate Capshaw have four (4) homes – and you’ll not be invited to any of them.  

Who told Pelosi that she has permission to re-brand Obama’s party?  She doesn’t like the O

Frankly the Dems have done a magnificent job branding Republicans as mean, profit-oriented, selfish, uncaring fat-cats always ready to ship another factory off to China.  Ya think that ~ just maybe ~ the TEA Parties have ole’ Nancy worried?  Gawd I hope so!

Here in MazzWhole, Dems don’t need re-branding.

You can be as corrupt as Barney Frank, John Tierney or Ed Markey and still get reelected.  You can be a tax cheat and become Auditor. 

You can fail to see an assault taking place before your eyes and still get reelected Attorney General.  

Hey, maybe Nancy Pelosi should consult with Cadillac Duh-Val Patrick.  Even he just got re-elected!

Maybe instead of re-branding Democrats, Nancy can hire a better animal trainer – and make more obedient lemmings out of them.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Presenting your ‘new’ Spielburg Democrats.

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