New Chapters In An Ancient Book

Posted March 20th, 2019 by Iron Mike

If you’ve been waiting for some major diplomatic breakthrough to watch Trump signing treaties with either China or North Korea,  – stop holding your breath.

For vastly different reasons both the Chinese and the NorKs are just playing for time, – using centuries-old stalling tactics.  In both cases,  – time is on their side.

Xi Jinping fully expects China to dominate (read RULE) the world by the end of the 21st Century.  That will require command of Space, Cyberspace, the Ocean Trade Routes, and the World Currency.

They are well on their way to building a true blue-water navy,  and they have hacked into almost every computer system in the developed world.

North Korea:

For the rulers of the Hermit Kingdom, – just staying in power over 26 million enslaved people has been the family business since 1945, – when WWII ended and their Japanese masters departed in defeat.

GrandPa Kim Il-sung started the Korean war in 1950 with his dream of ruling the entire peninsula.

Today that dream is mostly gone,  – since the Kim family knows the South, – after 69 years of living in freedom, would be near-impossible to govern.

Their business today is staying alive – in power,  – and avoiding an Army coup. 

They have survived 13 US presidents – fooled most of them,  and have mistakenly calculated that Trump frets over re-election in 2020. 

So they’ll stall for time – until they have a deliverable bomb.

And both the Russians and the Chinese will try to keep him ~ barely ~ in business,  – chiefly because we have to be distracted;  and because China doesn’t want to have a hairy horde of starving NorKs pouring north over the Yalu looking for food.

Trump’s Leverage:

China’s new industrial economy depends on reliable trade exports so they can keep their young people employed,  – and buy food and oil overseas.

Disrupt that lucrative trade,  – and they will face major upheaval in their populated cities…  

Xi and his Chinese leadership understand internal upheaval… 

When nothing else works,  – they’ll reluctantly agree to play nice.

Kim’s situation is far more precarious,  and a single summer of bad crops,  – an overly harsh winter,  – or a couple of ambitious generals could have him suddenly in front of a firing squad.

None of these NorK generals have EVER seen even a day of combat….

Trump needs to help Kim see himself as a peacetime ruler,  – as the man “who had the vision of Peace for Korea”….

For your entertainment:  Kim and his goose-stepping Army!

So just how would Bernie Sanders,  the Squaw,  or Beto the Fake Mexican deal with China and North Korea…?

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4 Responses to “New Chapters In An Ancient Book”

  1. Sherox

    They would bow down to whatever he wanted.

  2. Kojack

    “So just how would Bernie Sanders,  the Squaw,  or Beto the Fake Mexican deal with China and North Korea…?”

    They’ll use the same “strategy” Hussein used to deal the mullahs of Iran – capitulation.

    The solution to dealing to dealing with the CHI-COMS and the NORKS like most international problems is simple if we have the political will:

    1. Cut the CHI-COMS off from the U.S. markets.

    2. Nuke-up the South Korea and Japan and resume large scale military exercises with both.

  3. Ben

    I don’t see any one of the democrats vying to run for president able to deal with China or Russia. They wouldn’t know how to handle them . A scary thought to say the least. they are more concerned about the weather and abortion.

  4. panther 6

    Agree that the current pack of demorat candidates would have trouble handling this one. It will be touch enough for Mr Trump.