Neighborhood Home Schooling Co-Ops?

Posted March 18th, 2020 by Iron Mike

As hysteria-driven Progressive Governors are ordering schools closed;  – some like California for the remainder of the school year,….have we been given an opening to finally break the government / teacher union stranglehold on our kids’ minds?

Home schooling works!   Those who have tried it know you can move quickly through the daily curriculum in a couple of hours,  – it really doesn’t take all day.

You can schedule the work when it suits you,  – no bells to start and end classes,  – and your kids don’t need to raise their hands to visit the bathroom.

OK, – so not every parent is equipped to do the job.

But living somewhere near you is a person fully equipped and able to handle your kids,  and a few more from your neighbors.

Even better,  – older kids can make great teachers of younger kids.

There are lesson plans and materials ready to download.  All the History and Geography lessons you’ll ever need are lurking just inside your computer.  Let them out!

You can even include God in your lessons,….and nobody can stop you!  They won’t even know!

In their zeal to prove they can exert absolute control over your lives,  the Godless Progressives have just given you the freedom to teach and educate your kids as you see fit!

You can even teach gun safety and marksmanship!

6 Responses to “Neighborhood Home Schooling Co-Ops?”

  1. Catherine

    Also no (far fewer) ADD disruptions. One friend brought her son home to school when town schools wanted him on ADD meds. When he got squirmy, she sent him outside to run around the house three times, as fast as he could. He’d come back in and could concentrate for another hour. He didn’t have ADD; he just needed to MOVE, like a normal boy.

    My brother and I got taught safe gun handling as children, as soon as we were strong enough to steady a shotgun supported on a table. So did my kids. Not too long ago in rural areas, little boys would bring their single-shot .22 rifles to school with them daily, so they could hunt on the way home. Add a rabbit or something to the dinner pot.

  2. Varvara

    I agree on the gun safety BUT only after age 7!!!

    Grandparents or old ladies in markets can remind people of WW2. There was less food, it went to our soldier, sailors, marines, coast guard. They can talk about how things changed after the war and how many children went on to higher education.

    Your neighbor might have been born elsewhere. Talk about that.

  3. Hal Shurtleff

    This is one of the “blessing in disguise.” We plan on starting such a co-op in Lexington and will be happy to host any existing ones at the Lane House and Learning Center-a few blocks away from Lexington Green. Camp Constitution host’s the free on-line Sam Blumenfeld Archives:

    Sam was an instructor at our annual family camp, a pioneer in the modern homeschool movement, an author of a dozen books including his “Alpha-Phonics,” and a close friend. He left me most of his library, papers and recordings. Last year, we received over two million views and over 100,000 downloads of his “Alpha-Phonics.” I can be reached at 857-498-1309 E-mail

  4. Leonard Mead

    Homeschooling — an excellent breakthrough idea now that schools are closing.

    What better way to strengthen family units including the grandparents or someone else’s grandparents. The children will get VALUES not just factoids from socialist public school teachers they gotta puke back on tests.

    Kids can learn to REASON — to question what they hear — not just swallow liberal propaganda.

    I have met a handful of young home schooled children and they stand head and shoulders over the entitled public school dour, whiny kids their age.

    The homeschooled kids are more poised, confident in their own skin, respectful, they look you in the eye, listen and respond to what you say. Almost STARTLING!

    Yes, parents, GO FOR IT. Turn YOUR children into THINKING, RESPECTFUL young adults away from the clutches of liberal, amoral, Godless public schools.

    Len Mead, Unwashed and un-homeschooled Conservative

  5. Jim Buba

    So, while public schools are closed, the children are home, playing video games or basketball in the street. Soon enough, they will grow tired and suffer boredome.

    meanwhile, Home Schooled children are still at it and that represents the difference between making it and making it work.

    I will live to see the day the public school system is shuttered for good. The problem, however, is that the layabout Public Teacher’s Administrators will still be making the too-big bucks for doing less than the nothing good they do now.

  6. Sue Ettwein

    When my 2 older kids were small we were involved in a situation like this. One mother with an education background was the main teacher. We had a retired music teacher who had the kids to her home weekly to teach them music. We also had some kind of relationship with a nearby private school which allowed us to use their pool for swimming lessons. It can work.