Neglecting Your Duties Barack?

Posted September 22nd, 2009 by Iron Mike

Mister Obama:

It was beyond tacky that you appear on the David Letterman show – where just 103 days ago the presiding lefty clown called Governor Sarah Palin “slutty” and made a vulgar joke about her 14-year old daughter being “knocked up in the 7th inning by Yankee outfielder Alex Rodriguez”.  A presidential appearance this soon conveys your tacit approval.

O and LettermanBut ObamaCare is going down in flames and you’re desperate to “sell” your vision of socialized medicine,  – or your need to lecture people eats into you every day.   So you’re making a blitz of TV appearances. Sitting beside the Clown you get asked [we know it was scripted] if the protests are racially motivated as suggested by Jimmy Carter.  By now we should have expected your tacky response: “It is important to realize that I was black even before the election”.  So much for being our first “post-racial president”.  Just another Cambridge cops moment.  How many more must we live through until January 2013?   Barack,  just how does your continued race-baiting work to “sell” socialized medicine?

Meanwhile Barack, you are neglecting your other duties:

Afghanistan:  You campaigned on changing the Bush policies – that Afghanistan should be the Central Front. In June you appointed a new general to lead YOUR effort. Now just 100 days later General McChristol’s request for 40,000 more troops to win that war languishes on your desk, – unopened.  Do you lack the courage to open it,  – or to withstand the yapping of the moonbats?

The CIA:  You told America you wanted the past to stay in the past.  But you let the memos be released, and when Leon Panetta didn’t prosecute any agents,  you sicced your left-wing henchman Eric Holder to begin a witch-hunt for the agents who just spent years keeping the world safe.  Your actions seem to prove you always intended to tear apart the CIA and conduct show trials to please the Moonbats.  Don’t you have the balls to stand up to the moonbats?  Seven (7) former CIA Directors have told you to call off your dogs. You better listen.

Mexican Border:  You promised last year to make our borders safer and more secure. What happened, – you forget?  The appointment of Janet Napolitano to homeland security means our border will be safer – safer for illegals to come across.  You are ignoring your oath Mister Obama!

Oh, and if you really weren’t aware of how much money ACORN gets, – have you looked at the unemployment numbers recently?  9.1% here in Mass-a-One-Shits, or didn’t your buddy Deval mention it?

Some of us knew over a year ago Barack, – others are reluctantly coming to believe it, – that you never wanted to be the president of our country so much as you wanted to destroy it.  You should think carefully about your future Barack.  Of all the narcissistic socialist dictators I know about in history, only Stalin died in his sleep, – and some people believe he was poisoned.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Neglecting Your Duties Barack?”

  1. B Howell

    BHO loves to appear on any television show. He has to be the star. No journalist or talk show host ever asks him difficult questions. He is now at the UN and is parading around there as if he is someone important.

    As far as the border fence goes he specifically chose Janet Napolitano because she is very much against the fence. When she was the governor of Arizona she wouldn’t let the local police do their job. That’s why they all sent the illegals over to Sheriff Joe Arpio. He sent them back across the border.

    The Magnificent Seven, no not the movie, the former CIA directors, have a place in Heaven. I can’t say the same about Eric Holder.

    Have you noticed all the speeches about health care all sound alike? Do you think the teleprompters got stuck?