Narcissist-In-Chief: “Could’a been me”

Posted July 19th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Could'a been meOnce again Obama doesn’t let a dead kid go to waste – tells the press that “Trayvon could’a been me…35 years ago”. Everything is ALWAYS all about himself 

When are average Democrats going to awaken to this dangerous mentally unstable fraud?

Video below the fold – if you have the stomach:  

Both as an attorney [Harvard Law – remember?] and as a President – he should NOT be fanning the Racial Flames.

But this race-hating bastard cannot help himself. He is no better than Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.
35 years ago

11 Responses to “Narcissist-In-Chief: “Could’a been me””

  1. Paul J Baldi

    So Obama would have been wearing a hoodie and smoking
    dope and causing trouble? And then he would have been
    at Columbia and Harvard? Please. What a steaming pile
    of horse manure.

  2. Tom

    He attended private school in Hawaii, colleges in California, New York City and Cambridge living the life of privilege. Did he wear a hoodie, no they didn’t exist. Was he a mixed martial arts aficionado, no. Did he experiment with drugs, yes. Was he ever thrown out of school? We just don’t know because his school records have been cleverly sealed. Was he the product of a broken home? Yes, we know his mother the ever promiscuous Anne Dunham, but we don’t really know who the father was.
    Could he have been Trayvon? I doubt it very much. Trayvon was a tough street wise young criminal wannabe. Barack or Barry was a privileged wuss with a white mother and a black father who Trayvon would have avoided and probably bullied given the chance. Like the race baiters and pimps, Obama and his AG, Holder, ate just fueling the flames of the riots scheduled for this weekend. How quickly will he declare martial law or launch the FEMA shock troops?

  3. MC

    Have we ever had a more divisive and fanatical pResident?

  4. Varvara

    As an attorney he should know better. Maybe he doesn’t know any better because he skipped that class.

  5. Casey Chapman

    Obama is nothing more than a Communistic Race pimp, just like Sharpton. For Christ’s sake, this is a local murder case, nothing more, but the race baiters and other leftie overs from the 60’s are trying to make it big, so they can feel relevant again. The NAACP has said that they want to do away with all the Stand Your Ground laws in the country. Those laws weren’t even used in the case.

  6. Lonnie Brennan

    Let’s see: So Obama would have been high on drugs, on jumped on top of a HISPANIC, and beat the guy senseless.

    Oh, and OBAMA would have a long history of scrapes with the law, being expelled, etc.

    Yup. I believe it. Except, let’s face it, Obama is a pussy.

    Say, what would happen if a white group put a $10,000 bounty on Obama instead of a black group putting a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman? Hmmm?

    Proud to be one of the 49% of Americans who DIDN’t VOTE for the White/Black Racist in chief.

  7. Kojack

    Obysmal’s objective is to inflict as much damage as possible to America in every way possible before the end of his “reign”. That is the kind of change he was referring to.

  8. Sam Adams

    This is becoming so dangerous, it may soon become inevitable. We must stop making jokes about what’s happening to America right before our eyes, and come to the realization that we are no longer a representative republic.

    These are America’s darkest days, and there’s a good possibility that we may not survive them.

    Chicago thugs are now running our government. We’re a thug-ocracy heading at full speed for a revolution in this country, and not on the scale of the American original.
    We’re being set up for a French Revolution-style bloodbath created and developed by race hustlers and thugs who duped white liberals with PC propoganda and stole an election through election fraud by assigning the manipulation of the IRS’ criminal activity all with the help of a complicent and treasonous media.
    We’re being set up by a man who has single-handedly balkanized a nation through the precise application of Marxist principles.

    The man who sits in Our House hates this country and everything it has ever stood for. He hates white people, and his blueprint for governance is Cloward & Piven to the max.

    We’d better think hard about sitting this one out.

  9. Hawk1776

    It was appropriate for Obama to comment on the Trayvon Martin case. Unfortunately his comments were unfocused and off target. There is no evidence that this was a racially-motivated case, yet race was the focus of Obama’s remarks.

    Obama described some incidents of racial profiling, but went on to say that blacks have a higher rate of crime. Maybe he should have connected the dots. Even Jesse Jackson once famously said “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved….”. Maybe Jesse is also guilty of racial profiling.

    The biggest problem, unmentioned by Obama, is that 14% of the country is black and 35% of blacks are below the poverty level. That’s about 15 million people who have no chance. These people are a cancer on society. They populate the welfare roles and expect the state to support them. Before WW2 blacks had a strong sense of church and family. Whatever happened to that? Instead of whining about how blacks have a history and life is unfair, why hasn’t Obama stepped up to address this problem? Is it easy to fix? Of course not, but if the first black President won’t address it, – who will?

    The Irish integrated into America. The Italians integrated into America. The Germans integrated into America. Orientals have integrated into America. Hispanics are integrating into America.

    Mr President, when it comes to race relations tell us all why blacks haven’t integrated into America. Instead of blaming race relations for all of your problems, it’s time to look in the mirror, do some self examination, and take some personal responsibility for the way things are.

  10. Sam Adams

    If it’s okay for this president to comment on one incident concerning the death of a black youth, what did he have to say to the mother in Georgia last year whose 13-month-old baby was purposely shot in the face in his baby carriage by two black thugs trying to rob her?
    What! No condolences, no nothing! Not a peep!
    This rotten, rotten man whose face buzzes with flies whenever he’s on the stump, kept his silence in that awful, tragic situation because the young thugs were black and the victim, an innocent 13-month old baby, was white.

    That’s it in a nutshell. He’s not interested in promoting responsibility in the black community, nor is he interested in healing race relations – ever.
    This rotten man is a racist thug. We are being ruled (not governed) by racist thugs, period.

  11. Jim Gettens

    “It could have been me, ah, 35 years ago.” Barack Hussein Obama, the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie

    For the good of the United States, its Constitution, its ‘rule of law’, its historic exceptionalism, its legal citizens and taxpayers, its security and border integrity, its free-market, capitalist system, its standing in the world, its ability to counter aggressive, aggrandizing, and lawless enemies such as Communist China…I wish it had been.